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Downloading and Editing WSDL Document
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download the WSDL document from the Web service provider. You can change port.address[@location] to a localhost URL to local testing.
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💬 2022-01-13 Harsha: Thank you so much. Made my day

💬 2019-09-15 Herong: Any more information about this Web service?

💬 2019-09-10 previsualizacion: s/view?wsdl

💬 2019-08-23 kaushal: nice

💬 2019-08-09 Mahesh: perfect

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Download and Install JDK on macOS
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install the latest version JDK, which contains the HotSpot JVM, on a macOS system. A simple Java program was entered, compiled, and executed to verify the JDK installation.
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💬 2022-01-10 G.S.S.VARAPRASADRAO: cool

💬 2021-11-15 thang: that geart

💬 2021-06-08 anil: thanks


💬 2020-06-28 bipu kumar: i need it

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SocketClient.java - A Simple Client Socket Application
This section provides a tutorial example on how to write a network application, SocketClient.java, that creates a client socket, connects to a remote socket server, sends and receives text messages.
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Check JDK Version on CentOS
This section provides a tutorial on how to check the version information of the installed JDK packages on CentOS systems.
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Viewing Pre-Installed Certificates in Mozilla Firefox
This section provides a tutorial example on how to view pre-installed certificates in Mozilla Firefox. View certificate button is on the Encryption tab of the Advanced option page.
2022-01-09, 369👍, 2💬

💬 2022-01-09 Herong: Straton, Certificates in the Authorities section are trusted root certificates. Deleting them will create problems visiting Webs...

💬 2022-01-06 Straton: Looking for information on what the Authorities section tells me: why would I care? What is it useful for? Why would I delete ex...

Chinese Festivals - Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in October in Gregorian calendar. The festival has a long history. In ancient China, emperors followed the rite of offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and to the moon in autumn. Historical books of the Zhou Dynasty ha...
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Chinese Festivals - Chihsi (Chinese Valentine)
On the evening of the seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar, look carefully at the sky and you will, weather permitting, see the Cowherd (a bright star in the constellation Aquila, west of the Milky Way) and the Weaving Maid (the star Vega, east of the Milky Way) appear clos...
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The Story of the Chinese Valentine's Day
Chinese Valentine's Day is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. A love story for this day is about the 7th daughter of Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd. The Emperor separated them. The 7th daughter was forced to move to the star Vega and the cowherd moved to the st...
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CD ToC query
Hi Dr. Herong Yang, I have just been looking at your CD notes on your website. Incredibly impressive. I have a query. I have a CD recorder (quite old) in my hifi system which I simply use to play CDs nowadays. Sometimes, when I play CDs, it is very slow to read the ToC but eventually gets there. I b...
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Most Popular Operating Systems
The most popular operating systems based on browser signature strings in log files for year 2010 with 12 weeks log files missing.
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💬 2022-01-04 Nike: Windows 7?

Most Popular Operating Systems
The most popular operating systems based on browser signature strings in page requests during the period from October 13, 2005 to September 2, 2006.
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Most Popular Web Browsers
The most popular browsers based on browser signature strings in log files for last 105 days of year 2006.
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Weekly Requests Report
Weekly total requests and page requests report for year 2016 with no log files missing.
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SOAP Communication Example
This section describes an simple example of SOAP communication.
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💬 2017-08-20 Ram: Hello

Full Version in PDF/EPUB
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
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💬 2021-12-30 Abdulrasheed: Great tutorial

💬 2018-03-03 ben: you make my life easier, thanks so much

💬 2017-05-06 Edgar: Downloading for evaluate... Thanks

💬 2017-01-31 pk: herong_yang...at...yahoo...dot...com

💬 2017-01-31 Prashant: Great Tutorial

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Including VBScript Code as External Files
This section provides a quick description of how to save VBScript code into separate files and include them into HTML documents with 'script' tags. A tutorial example is provided on calling a function stored in a separate VBScript file.
2022-01-02, 2662👍, 4💬

💬 2022-01-02 Herong: Cody, you can try the suggestion in VBScript Support in IE Web Browsers

💬 2021-12-28 Cody Shmaz: Is it possible to right a MsgBox() on a web page? thanks!

💬 2017-01-21 Herong: Jason, I am not sure if that is doable to install a printer with a VB script on a Web page. May be make the image as a download ...

💬 2017-01-19 Jason: Have vb script created that will map network printers on our network, created page on IIS for users to use and want them to clic...

Free Chinese Calendar 2011 - Year of the Rabbit
Want to know when is the 2011 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2011? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2011 The Rabbit2011February 3ThursdayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2012 - Year of the Dragon ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2010 - Year of the Tiger ⇑ Free Chinese Cale...
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Free Chinese Calendar 2010 - Year of the Tiger
Want to know when is the 2010 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2010? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2010 The Tiger2010February 14SundayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2011 - Year of the Rabbit ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2009 - Year of the Ox ⇑ Free Chinese Calendars...
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Chinese Festivals - Chinese Valentine's Day
Chinese Valentine's Day - The seventh day of the seventh lunar month Raise your head on August 4 and gaze at the stars, you will find something romantic going on in the sky. VALENTINE'S Day in China, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, falls on August 4 this year. VALENTINE'S Day in China, t...
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Chinese Festivals - Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, has had a history of more than 2,000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar. There are many legends about the evolution of the festival, the most popular of which is in commemoration of Qu Yuan (340-278 BC). Qu Yuan was mi...
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Chinese Festivals - Double Seventh Festival
The Double Seventh Festival, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar. This festival is in mid-summer when the weather is warm and the grass and trees reveal their luxurious greens. At night when the sky is ...
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Usage Examples of Public Key Infrastructure
This section provides some usage examples of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), like HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol, digital signature, encryption of documents, digital identification.
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💬 2021-09-23 Kuro: nice

💬 2019-05-14 dsdsdasd: Naaaaa

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Certificate in PEM Format
This section describes what is certificate PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) format - A format uses PEM idea to convert a certificate in DER format to a message of printable characters. The conversion uses the Base64 encoding.
2021-12-27, 10249👍, 6💬

💬 2021-12-27 Azul: Why do you want me to write things like that?

💬 2020-02-23 Herong: Mark, if your certificate is signed by your own CA, put it on the Apache server together with the CA certificate to test. Other ...

💬 2020-02-17 mark scorfield: Hi i have a pem certificate x509 that i would like to share against my own certificate signing authority , what is the best way ...

💬 2016-03-30 Herong: Bcbin, why don't you post your question here? Maybe others can help you too. Or send me an email directly.

💬 2016-03-27 bcbin: my name is bcbin, my email is bcbin@yahoo.com. please connecting me. i need you help ):

Mining Ether with Your Computer
This chapter provides introductions and tutorials on mining Ether with your computer.
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💬 2021-12-23 Herong: Niels, ethereumfaucet.info is a pure Ether faucet now.

💬 2021-12-17 Niels: No mining service provided...

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