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"geth" Commands for Ethereum Accounts
This section describes 'geth' commands to manage Ethereum accounts.
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Get Free Ether from
This section describes how to get some free Ether form
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💬 2022-07-28 Yes: More ether, please!

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What Is Ethereum Testnet: Ropsten Network
This section describes what is Ethereum Testnet: Ropsten Network.
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💬 2022-07-08 Herong: Jay, there is no way to convert.

💬 2022-07-08 Jay: Can I convert Ropsten Eth to Bitcoin on my wallet

💬 2022-05-26 Rhino: I have been contacted by a person claiming to be able to "wave" test eth to other walkets,. that "wave" it to other wallets........

💬 2022-05-10 nfts: 0xD5ac103BeFb6C2922E9465f48E355d7348 1449C4

Private Network ID Must Match "chainId"
This section describes the requirement on private network - the network ID must match the 'chainId' given in the genesis block configuration.
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💬 2022-06-28 Jenny: Thank

Get Free Ether from
This section describes how to get some free Ether from
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Full Version in PDF/EPUB
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
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💬 2019-03-14 Edmond: Thanks

Ethereum Public Key and Private Key Example
This section describes examples of public key and private key of an Ethereum account.
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💬 2022-06-09 ben: hello

💬 2022-05-15 helpinghands: 0x365F9713D8C7A9a1BeC0a580291D43424e 925B97this is our ether account address. anyone who is donating extra etherum for a good ca...

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Testnet - Ropsten network
This chapter introduces Ethereum testnet: Ropsten network.
2022-06-06, 648👍, 2💬

💬 2022-06-06 myth: 0x339d58bff8b8C5dAAfaF08fA77ad39C790 9B194E

💬 2021-08-28 Cit: Hi

View Ethereum Account Address in MetaMask
This section provides a tutorial example on how to view the Ethereum address of the account created by MetaMask extension on Chrome.
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💬 2022-05-08 dybcsaint: pls some eth 0x7A0772B1Ffa4A5fF64D150276ECd6f7871 ab3915

64-Bit "geth" for Private Ethereum Network
This chapter introduces 64-bit 'geth' to run Ethereum private network.
2022-05-07, 169👍, 2💬

💬 2022-05-07 John Dayo: Contact John Dayo : +2348136293834 Via WhatsApp or call

💬 2022-05-07 John Dayo: Quite helpful though, but I'll like anyone who can help me with a project on Ethereum and BNB. Private key related.

Get Free Ether from
This section provides a tutorial example on how to get some free Ether money from
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💬 2022-04-21 Jake Thompson: Hello my names Jake or Dj Kutta , Thank you for the test eth! this is helpful in learning about wallets and the network. Thank y...

Transfer Ether Fund to MetaMask Account
This section describes how to transfer some Ether fund to the MetaMask account from my Ether private network.
2022-05-06, 169👍, 2💬

💬 2022-05-04 Chanaka: Thanks a lot

Mining Ether with Your Computer
This chapter provides introductions and tutorials on mining Ether with your computer.
2021-12-23, 370👍, 2💬

💬 2021-12-23 Herong: Niels, is a pure Ether faucet now.

💬 2021-12-17 Niels: No mining service provided... - Block Explorer
This section describes what is
2021-09-06, 695👍, 1💬

💬 2021-09-06 albert: thanksal

Managing Ethereum Account
This chapter describes Ethereum accounts - How to create and manage them.
2021-08-03, 345👍, 1💬

💬 2021-08-03 chris: thanks

"Head State Missing" Error on Restarting "geth"
This section describes the issue with 'Head State Missing' error on restarting 'geth' on a private network.
2020-07-22, 2400👍, 5💬

💬 2020-07-15 Herong: lhq, it might be resolved in newer versions. But I haven't get any chance to verify this.

💬 2020-07-11 lhq: How was it resolved? consult

💬 2020-07-11 lhq: 最后怎么解决的?请教

💬 2019-03-23 Herong: Zach, Thanks for your explanation. I will setup a two-peer network to try it later.

💬 2019-03-14 Zach S: From my project understanding: From interrupted exit. The node can't sync and must restart a full boot up from block 1. If you c...

"geth --light" - Ethereum Node Light Mode
This section describes 'geth --light' - Ethereum node in light mode
2020-01-28, 4809👍, 2💬

💬 2020-01-28 Herong: Sword, a “light” node only stores block headers. So it can not perform any transactions without the help from a “full” or “fas...

💬 2020-01-23 sword_smith: Can you tell us what a 'fast' node can do that a 'light' node cannot do? Are there any RPC calls that will be slower or disabled...

Connect MetaMask to Local "geth" Node
This section describes how to connect MetaMask to the 'geth' on the local host.
2019-10-05, 6117👍, 2💬

💬 2019-10-05 Herong: I am in the process of rebuild my local Ethereum node. Can anyone provide help to kbhar?

💬 2019-09-30 kbhar: I am not able to connect to metamask after selecting the localhost 8545 network. I am getting "something went wrong" error. Can ...

What Is Ethereum
This section describes what is Ethereum.
2019-06-17, 257👍, 2💬

💬 2019-06-16 Herong: Google translation of Shimon's comment: "I'm developing a Cipher factory that takes the data from Redis".

💬 2019-06-12 Shimon: Sto sviluppando una factory di Cipher che prenda i dati sorgenti da Redis

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