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ISO-2022-JP Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of ISO-2022-JP encoding, which maps a JIS X0208 character to a 2-byte sequence by using both bytes of the character's code value directly.
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💬 2021-05-06 qq123: $B$$$D$b$*@$OC$K$J$C$F$*$j$^$9!#(B

Escaping 'script' Tags in String Literials
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use escape character in 'script' tags to prevent browser prematurely end embedded JavaScript code.
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💬 2021-05-05 2: alert("hola");

💬 2021-04-27 dasdasddad: alert("geiaa");

💬 2021-01-19 111: <script>alert("hola");&lt ;/script>

💬 2021-01-04 ddd: <script>hi()</script>

💬 2020-12-17 sasds: <script>alert("hola");&lt ;/script>

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康希诺新冠疫苗 - 深度解答
康希诺新冠疫苗究竟是怎样研发出来的?有效吗?够用吗? 下面我们对这些问题进行深入的解答: 康希诺新冠疫苗 - 研发时刻表 康希诺新冠疫苗 - 保护效力 参考文献: 陈薇团队新冠疫苗三期临床试验结果:总体保护效力为74.8% https://news.163.com/21/0209/0 7/G2CKCN480001899O.html  ⇒ 康希诺新冠疫苗 - 研发时刻表 ⇐ 莫德纳新冠疫苗 ⇑⇑ 新冠病毒(SARS-CoV-...
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康希诺新冠疫苗 - 保护效力
康希诺新冠疫苗的保护效力是多少? 2021年2月24日,康希诺生物股份公司布公,康希诺疫苗在巴 基斯坦、墨西哥、俄罗斯、智利及阿根廷5个国家开展了全球多中心Ⅲ期临床 研究,已完成4万余受试者的接种及期中数据分析。 疫苗Ⅲ期临床试验期中分析数据结果显示:在单针接种疫苗28天后 ,疫苗对所有症状的总体保护效力为65.28%;在单针接种疫苗1 4天后,疫苗对所有症状总体...
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全世界有哪些新冠疫苗? 到2021年1月为止,全世界有5款新冠疫苗获得不同国家批准上 市。下面是全世界新冠疫苗一览表: 代号 种类 公司 阶段 获批国家 Ad26.COV2.5 载体 强生(杨森)-美国 III期 欧盟,美国 Ad5-nCoV 载体 康希诺-中国 III期 中国,巴基斯坦,墨西哥 AZD1222 载体 阿斯利康-英国 III期 印度,阿根廷,墨西哥,英国,欧盟,… BBIBP-CorV 灭活 中国生物-中国...
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什么是蛋白疫苗? 它的工作机制是什么? 蛋白疫苗又可以细分成两个小类:重组蛋白疫苗,病毒外壳疫苗(V irus-LikeParticle,VLP)。 1. 重组蛋白疫苗 - 重组蛋白疫苗是根据新冠病毒的S和M蛋白基因,人工组合而成的S 和M蛋白。重组蛋白疫苗的工作机制如下: 先根据新冠病毒的S和M蛋白基因,人工合成S和M蛋白。 然后将这些S和M蛋白混合体,输入人体。 人体内的这些S和M...
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什么是核酸疫苗? 它的工作机制是什么? 核酸疫苗又可以细分成两个小类:DNA疫苗,mRNA疫苗。 1. DNA疫苗 - DNA疫苗是用新冠病毒的S蛋白基因制成的DNA链条。 DNA疫苗的工作机制如下: 先将新冠病毒的S蛋白基因制成DNA链条。 然后将这些DNA链条,输入人体。 接着使用电穿孔(Electroporation)技术,瞬时提 高细胞膜的通透性,帮助DNA链条融入人体细胞,并进入细胞...
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Lucky Wedding Dates: 2032 - Year of the Rat
Where to find lucky wedding dates for year 2032? Lucky Wedding Dates: 2032 - Year of the Rat   ⇒ Lucky Wedding Dates: 2033 - Year of the Ox ⇐ Lucky Wedding Dates: 2032 to 2043 ⇑ Lucky Wedding Dates: 2032 to 2043 ⇑⇑ Wedding Date - The Most Important Date of Your Life
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NumberToWords - Convert Number in Digits to Words
This chapter provides a quick introduction of the free Web service, NumberToWords, converting a number in digits to words. Topics include usage description of NumberToWords; request message sample; response message sample.
2021-05-03, 504👍, 3💬

💬 2021-05-03 omarr: hii

💬 2020-05-15 adriana: ola tudo bem

Using Notepad as a Unicode Text Editor
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on using Nodepad as a Unicode text editor. Topics including opening Unicode text files in 3 encodings: UTF-8, UTF-16BE, and UTF-16LE; saving and opening Unicode text files with the BOM character.
2021-05-03, 112👍, 1💬

💬 2021-05-03 enes: Enes

'native2ascii' - Native-to-ASCII Encoding Converter
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the native-to-ASCII encoding converter 'native2ascii'. Topics include 'native2ascii' command options, default encoding CP1252 used by 'javac', converting UTF-8 characters into \udddd Unicode code sequences, converting \udddd sequences back to native encodings.
2021-04-29, 5240👍, 54💬

💬 2021-04-29 rot: yeah

💬 2021-01-30 ali: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2020-12-18 uj: É)+'\'+(ó-É)+(É+ó)+(þ)+'\'+(ó-É)+(É+ ó)+(É+É)+'\'+(É+É)+(þ)+'\'+(É+ó)+(ó- É)+'\'+(ó-É)+(þ)+(ó)+'\'+(ó-É)+(É+É) +(ó-É...

💬 2019-09-17 d: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2019-09-15 asd: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

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UTF-16 Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16 (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit) encoding for Unicode character set. Paired surrogates are used for characters in the U+10000...0x10FFFF range.
2021-04-28, 1658👍, 2💬

💬 2016-12-28 anson: what a detail of explain. i think i complete understand it. thanks very much.

Downloading and Installing JDK 1.8
This section describes how to download and install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8u45 on a Windows system.
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💬 2020-04-27 ema: thanks

💬 2020-04-27 ema: thanks

💬 2020-04-27 ema: thanks

💬 2019-04-16 yacine: thanks

💬 2017-10-09 Ivan: Thanks!

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What Is Cryptography?
This section describes what is cryptography - The study of techniques related to all aspects of data security.
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💬 2021-04-25 jlong: thanks

💬 2017-02-18 gabu: ggoodd

💬 2016-11-17 mohamed: yes

💬 2015-10-20 Herong: Hi Ian, the Rail Fence cipher is very simple example of encryption we can do manually. See the Transposition cipher page at wiki...

💬 2015-10-19 Ian T. Lee: Can you give me a simple example of how to do cryptography manually?

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UTF-16BE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16BE (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit Big Endian) encoding for Unicode character set. UTF-16BE is a variation of UTF-16.
2021-04-25, 4759👍, 8💬

💬 2019-11-25 Remo Harsono: Very helpful information, thanks

💬 2019-08-09 asas: UTF-16BE

💬 2017-07-14 john wirter: thnanks foro hthe inofos

💬 2017-06-06 potato: Cool

AES Standard Decryption Algorithm
The standard decryption algorithm of the AES-128 encryption is provided. It is a straightforward reverse of the encryption algorithm.
2021-04-25, 114👍, 1💬

The Constancy of the Speed of Light
This section provides a thought experiment to help understanding the second assumption of the special theory of relativity: The constancy of the speed of light.
2021-04-25, 579👍, 25💬

💬 2021-04-25 Hiroji kurihara: Constancy of speed of light (Reexamination) Constancy of speed of light is not possible always. No, it will be possible limitedl...

💬 2021-04-04 Hiroji kurihara: Space and time will be absolute (a supposition) Perhaps, space and time each will be absolute. Each will not be affected by any ...

💬 2021-03-01 Hiroji kurihara: Apology It seems that my previous post (February 28) was not valid thought experiment. Sorry for that. But, how about if uniform...

💬 2021-02-28 hiroji kurihara: Aether is real There are words : solar apex and solar antapex. Following is a related thought experiment. In outer space, there ...

💬 2021-02-21 Hiroji kurihara: Speed of light (a thought experiment) Descartes said like this, "divide the difficulties". The formula for sound Doppler effect ...

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Merge Sort - Implementation in PHP
This section provides a tutorial on how to implement the Merge Sort algorithm in PHP.
2021-04-24, 126👍, 2💬

💬 2021-04-24 Herong: Hubert, good point. Thanks!

💬 2021-04-20 Hubert Christiaen: The argument called toIndex is not the highest index of the array as the name suggests, but the number of elements. Hence the fo...

Validating wsse:Password Digest String
This section provides a tutorial example on how the SOAP message receiver should validate the password digest string in the wsse:Password element using the 'Password_Digest = Base64 ( SHA-1 ( nonce + created + password ) )' definition.
2021-04-24, 13503👍, 12💬

💬 2021-04-24 Herong: sindhu, to what format do you want the XSLT to transform?

💬 2021-04-09 sindhu: Is XSLT example available for this?

💬 2019-12-08 Herong: If you are getting "SjUQn7b8qSr5x4WOg9YLieSe2to=" as the password digest value, please see Kumar's comment below.

💬 2019-12-03 did: Hi! I tested manually the algorithm using cryptii.com, and I get the value "SjUQn7b8qSr5x4WOg9YLieSe2to=", not the value "PfZyE8...

💬 2019-06-16 Herong: JOlivas, Thanks for sharing your PHP code examples!

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"keytool" and "keystore" from JDK
This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on 'keytool' and 'keystore'. Topics include introduction of 'keytool' and 'keystore'; using 'keytool' to generate private keys, generate self-signed certificates, export and import certificates.
2021-04-23, 110👍, 1💬

💬 2021-04-23 chanho.song: wow. I'm Korean. Thank u so much.

"regedit.exe" - Changing Registry Values
This section provides a tutorial example on how to change registry values for the FreeCell game program, like increase the total number of games won.
2021-04-22, 1228👍, 5💬

💬 2021-04-22 E. Jean: Worked perfectly Thnks a lot!

💬 2020-02-25 Herong: Bill, I am not sure if there is registry value for that on Windows XP. Newer versions of Windows do not put FreeCell settings in...

💬 2020-02-23 bill: Is there a reg edit that would allow the games to play in numerical order automatically

💬 2017-02-16 Herong: Johnny, The example given in this tutorial was based on Windows XP. FreeCell registry key will be at different locations in othe...

💬 2017-02-11 Johnny Jevidetti: What version of Windows are you using? Trying the steps you have outlined, my regedit is much different than the one you describ...

Blowfish Decryption Algorithm
This section describes the Blowfish decryption algorithm, which is identical to the encryption algorithm step by step in the same order, only with the sub-keys applied in the reverse order.
2021-04-18, 360👍, 2💬

💬 2021-04-18 Peter: $2b$10$fhC6bHFpfs/texxDk1.QJu5ngSPwp pWz7vKseeZS9zhM2y7V5gevWr

Looping through ResultSet with res.next()
This section describes how to loop through ResultSet objects with the res.next() method.
2021-04-18, 225👍, 1💬

Using java.net.HttpURLConnection to Send SOAP Messages
This section describes steps to follow if you want to use the java.net.HttpURLConnection class to send out a SOAP XML message.
2021-04-15, 41560👍, 14💬

💬 2018-12-21 Herong: RAS, Yes. That's a good example on sending a file as a SOAP attachment. I thought you were looking for example on sending files ...

💬 2018-12-18 RAS: Thanks Dr. Herong for your reply. I've gone through the link you've shared but in that way, there's no way to pass other paramet...

💬 2018-12-18 Herong: RAS, Sending (or uploading) files from a client depends what how the server want to receive them. If the server support multipar...

💬 2018-12-17 RAS: Thanks Dr. Herong for the link but I'm not able to convert it to a sample codeset. Can you help me with it?

💬 2018-12-16 Herong: RAS, if you want to send a file with HTTP POST method, check RFC 1867 - Form-based File Upload in HTML.

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