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"obabel -L formats" - List of File Formats Supported
This section provides a list of molecule file formats supported by Open Babel obtained by the 'obabel -L formats' command.
2023-11-28, 239🔥, 2💬

💬 2023-11-28 Herong: sh, the error message indicates that Open Babel is not able to read the input file torus.mop as a MOPAC Cartesian file. Here is ...

💬 2023-11-26 sh: Hi , First thanks second I tried obabel torus.mop -o orcainp tor.orcainp but is says "Invalid format in geometry specification"

XML Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples
This XML tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning XML himself. Topics include introduction to XML, DTD (Document Type Definition), XSD (XML Schema Definition), XPath (XML Path Language), XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), XSLT (XSL Transf...
2023-11-28, 12188🔥, 3💬

💬 2022-07-22 Helen: This is very helpful!

💬 2016-05-07 mehari: this tutorials helps many trainers through out the world, thanks!

💬 2015-07-19 Jay: What about JSON format?

UTF-16BE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16BE (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit Big Endian) encoding for Unicode character set. UTF-16BE is a variation of UTF-16.
2023-11-27, 9953🔥, 11💬

💬 2023-11-27 yooo: 灩捯䍔䙻ㄶ形楴獟楮獴㌴摟潦弸強㕤㐸㤸扽

💬 2023-11-01 Udit Singh Dhakrey: <script>alert("is I am able to hack")</script>

💬 2022-08-26 asewathy: 灩捯䍔䙻ㄶ形楴獟楮獴㌴摟潦弸弰㑣〷㘰摽

💬 2022-03-02 Seth Cox: Hello

💬 2022-01-17 oussama: السلام عليكم أبو سعود

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Get Free Ether from faucet.metamask.io
This section describes how to get some free Ether form faucet.metamask.io.
2023-11-25, 85832🔥, 556💬

💬 2023-11-25 Dixon: Hello guys, help me please eth 0x99e7764c6F88b281a695e33E867134ce46 9003c6

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💬 2023-11-10 0xFDD7CF0d4C54586E7199460fAD462E: 0xFDD7CF0d4C54586E7199460fAD462E8fd5 5aefA4Hi, I need some ethers for testing and development. can you please help me with it.

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💬 2023-10-31 0x98E398EC39612aA7480d69C7dF95ce: Thanks

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native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Encoding Converter
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the native-to-ASCII encoding converter 'native2ascii'. Topics include 'native2ascii' command options, default encoding CP1252 used by 'javac', converting UTF-8 characters into \uXXXX Unicode code sequences, converting \uXXXX sequences back to native encodings.
2023-11-24, 6116🔥, 65💬

💬 2023-11-24 xddd: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2022-10-03 tag: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2022-06-09 hupo: (É+ó)+(ó+ó)+'\'

💬 2022-05-29 aaa: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2022-03-13 Q: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

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Downloading and Installing JDK 1.8
This section describes how to download and install Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8u45 on a Windows system.
2023-11-24, 32815🔥, 14💬

💬 2023-11-24 EIEI: Thanks! ☺

💬 2023-11-14 fsdfdsf: thanks

💬 2022-08-08 eni: thanks

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Introduction to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
This chapter provides a quick introduction to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).
2023-11-22, 2751🔥, 8💬

💬 2023-11-22 Pat: Hello

💬 2016-09-22 saaaa: good

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Validating an XML File against a DTD Document Type
This section describes different ways to validate XML files against DTD document types: using standalone XML validation tools, using on-line XML validators, and writing your own XML validation programs.
2023-11-21, 509🔥, 1💬

💬 2023-11-21 andrew: &lt;!ELEMENT Rodziny-bialek (HSP | GPCR)*> &lt;!ATTLIST Rodziny-bialek xmlns CDATA #IMPLIED> &lt;!ELEMENT HSP (Organ...

"base64Binary" Datatype Values and Representations
This section describes the built-in primitive datatype, 'base64Binary' that represents binary data represented in Base64 encoding. Whitespaces are allowed and removed.
2023-11-21, 17103🔥, 3💬

💬 2023-11-21 dd: NICE

💬 2015-10-01 Herong: Harsh, if you are getting an image as a Base64Binary element in an XML file, you need to save it in a file, run Base64 decode on...

💬 2015-09-30 Harsh: I am getting output in base64binary now i want to print that image to the printer how can i do it?

serialver - serialVersionUID Generator
This chapter provides provides a tutorial example on how to use 'serialver' command to generate a unique 'serialVersionUID' value for any given serializable Java class.
2023-11-20, 2024🔥, 7💬

💬 2023-02-22 Youngjo Kim: HEllo My name is BYUIOUDHFODIUHOFIHODIHF

💬 2022-06-27 Ravi Shrestha: Generating serial version id

Get Free Ether from faucet.ropsten.be
This section describes how to get some free Ether from faucet.ropsten.be.
2023-11-20, 9651🔥, 95💬

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Illustration of DSA Algorithm: p,q=23,11
This section provides a tutorial example to illustrate how DSA digital signature algorithm works with small prime modulus p=23 and prime divisor q=11.
2023-11-19, 5214🔥, 10💬

💬 2023-02-23 CYR: Thanks for providing the detail example, it helps me to understand the algorithm a lot. The value for g looks like incorrect to ...

💬 2021-01-09 Flying Horse: Hello Dr Yang, My verification scheme is as follows lhs = (r**s mod p)mod q rhs = ((g**h mod p)*(y**r mod p)) mod q If lhs = rhs...

💬 2021-01-08 Herong: Flying, give us an example to show that this verification scheme is not working?

💬 2021-01-07 Flying Horse: Hello Dr Yang, this is a very helpful tutorial. I am trying a different verification scheme for DSA signature. Unfortunately, it...

💬 2020-06-22 Filip: Very helpful, thanks!

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HelloServerWsdl.php - SOAP 1.2 Server Application in WSDL Mode
This section describes a tutorial example of a complete SOAP application with both server and client programs using SOAP 1.2 in WSDL mode.
2023-11-18, 18240🔥, 15💬

💬 2023-11-18 Mr. Blabla: Thanks

💬 2023-01-05 pepe: god!!

💬 2017-10-26 Herong: Bel, can you show me your client program here?

💬 2017-10-26 Bel: Hi! I managed to fix my problem before. Client works with php nusoap but returns an error when consumed by ASP.net/C# (Response ...

💬 2017-09-27 Lubos: the only tutorial I found that really expains php soap with wsdl.. thanks a lot

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Compilation and Execution Process of C Programs
This section describes steps of the compilation and execution process of C programs: preprocessing, compilation, assembly, linking and loading.
2023-11-14, 85027🔥, 30💬

💬 2023-11-14 Srinu: Good

💬 2023-04-16 Tasaduk: Great it was easy for me to understand on your site thanks once again

💬 2021-07-28 jungkook jeon: very helpful. thank u so much for your explanation

💬 2021-02-14 Herong: Theo, thanks for the nice comment!

💬 2021-02-05 Theo Bruelhart: Dr. Herong Yang: I do appreciate the clarity and simplicity of your explanation. Thank you!

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Archived: Downloading and Installing J2SE 1.5.0 on Windows
This section provides tutorial example on how to download and install J2SE (JDK - Java Development Kit) 1.5.0.
2023-11-13, 1488🔥, 1💬

💬 2023-11-13 Hi: Hi

Certificate in PEM Format
This section describes what is certificate PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) format - A format uses PEM idea to convert a certificate in DER format to a message of printable characters. The conversion uses the Base64 encoding.
2023-11-13, 16504🔥, 7💬


💬 2023-10-16 subbarao: thanks

💬 2021-12-27 Azul: Why do you want me to write things like that?

💬 2020-02-23 Herong: Mark, if your certificate is signed by your own CA, put it on the Apache server together with the CA certificate to test. Other ...

💬 2020-02-17 mark scorfield: Hi i have a pem certificate x509 that i would like to share against my own certificate signing authority , what is the best way ...

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Download and Install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows
This section describes how to download and install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows systems.
2023-11-09, 29649🔥, 7💬

💬 2023-11-09 himnashu: good

💬 2023-03-23 Simon: I need pictures in teaching

💬 2021-09-14 DTR: alright alrigght alright

💬 2017-05-03 harish: this is best site for all students for satup downloading.

💬 2017-05-03 harish: this is good

MySQL Connector/J - Download and Installation
This section describes how to download and install MySQL Connector/J (JDBC driver).
2023-11-09, 13360🔥, 9💬

💬 2023-11-09 vasily: I am a student.

💬 2016-12-09 esma: HELLO

💬 2016-09-06 Bittan: I am a student.

💬 2016-01-06 Amir: Let Me go

💬 2015-09-23 Herong: Hi Kpl, if you don't have the \local\lib folder, you can create it first. Then copy mysql-connector-java-5.1.36-bin.jar to that ...

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2FF0: Ideographic Description Characters
This section provides a quick summary of the Unicode code point block: 'Ideographic Description Characters', which contains 16 code points to represent ideographic description characters.
2023-11-08, 247🔥, 1💬

💬 2023-11-08 Lucas: Ideographic Description is too few symbols

ChemSpider APIs - Usage Description
This section describes free Web services provided by RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) ChemSpider APIs that allows you to search and retrieve chemical compounds information.
2023-11-07, 234🔥, 1💬

💬 2023-11-07 Nit Picker: "Data Source: European Central Bank" Seems wrong in reference to the ChemSpider API :-)

MockService - Web Service Simulator
This section provides a tutorial example on how to create a Web service simulator, MockService, with SoapUI, to return a mock response.
2023-11-07, 643🔥, 2💬

💬 2023-02-22 Pranav: Hello

UTF-32BE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-32BE (Unicode Transformation Format - 32-bit Big Endian) encoding for Unicode character set.
2023-11-04, 592🔥, 7💬

💬 2023-11-04 bara: REDACTED

Decode Bitcoin Raw Transaction Format
This section describes how to decode a Bitcoin raw transaction format.
2023-11-04, 4021🔥, 7💬

💬 2023-07-19 ifeeluing: 200077f7b79147099db972e0817b12518091 930853421a75ca013d858ec01584cfac0063 036f7264010118746578742f706c61696e3b 636861727365743d7574...

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Chinese Character String with UTF-8 Encoding
This section providing information on handling Chinese character string literals in UTF-8 encoding.
2023-11-03, 12627🔥, 15💬

💬 2023-11-03 这是一份非常简单的说明书: 这是一份非常简单的说明书

💬 2022-11-21 test: test

💬 2020-04-24 PK: Thanks dude it help me a lot.

💬 2019-05-23 明明: 这是一份非常简单的说明书…

💬 2016-03-10 Herong: Developers are welcome! ☺

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