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UTF-32, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE Encodings
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on UTF-32, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE encodings. Topics including encoding and decoding logics of UTF-32, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE encodings; explanation of the use of BOM (Byte Order Mark).
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Using "Process" Class to Show Memory Usages
This section provides a tutorial example on how to retrieve memory usage statistics of your application using methods and properties of the System.Diagnostics.Process class.
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Installing WMHelp XMLPad Pro
This section describes what is XMLPad and how to install and run XMLPad.
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Build New Curves with tinyec
This section provides a tutorial example on how to create elliptic curve, actually a reduced elliptic curve group, with tinyec Python library.
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Character Sets and Encodings
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on character sets and encodings. Topics including introduction of character set and encoding; commonly used character sets and encodings.
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Open Babel Installation Options on Linux
This section provides a quick introduction of Open Babel installation options for Linux computers.
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PHP Implementation of DES - mcrypt
This chapter provides tutorial examples and notes about PHP implementation of DES. Topics include introduction of mcrypt library; mcrypt encryption functions; DES encryption and decryption test program and test result.
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javax.net.ssl.trustStore System Property
This section provides a tutorial example on how Java uses the default trusted KeyStore file, if the system property, javax.net.ssl.trustStore, is not specified.
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The document.write() Method
This section provides a quick description of the document.write() method and a simple tutorial example of using the document.write() method.
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Downloading and Installing Android SDK R24
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Android SDK (Software Development Kit) Revision 24 on Windows systems.
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Comments on Herong's Tutorial Books
Please share your general comments on my tutorial books here. Comments should not contain hyperlinks to any external Web sites.
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"g++ -c" and "ar src" to Build Static Library
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'g++ -c' and 'ar src' commands to compile your code and to build static library file on Linux systems.
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Basic Rules of Receiving Non-ASCII Characters from Input Forms
This section describes basic rules on how non-ASCII character strings should be managed at different steps to ensure localized text strings can be entered in HTML forms and received correctly by PHP scripts that process those forms.
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UTF-8 Encoding Pages with GB18030 Characters
This section describes an error case where a UTF-8 encoding page contains GB18030 characters.
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Illustration of RSA Algorithm: p,q=5,7
This section provides a tutorial example to illustrate how RSA public key encryption algorithm works with 2 small prime numbers 5 and 7.
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"ant debug" Command and Build Error
This section provides a tutorial example on the 'ant' build command. An error occurred when running 'ant debug'. The error message says '...${aapt}': CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.
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"-Xint" - Running in Interpreted-Only Mode
This section provides a tutorial example on how to run benchmark tests in interpreted-only mode using the '-Xint' JVM option.
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Displaying Version Information using Windows Explorer
This section provides a tutorial example on how to display version information properties of executable files, .exe and .dll files, using Windows Explorer.
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Downloading and Installing JRockit R28.2.7
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Oracle JRockit 6 R28.2.7 on Windows systems.
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Array Class Introspection
This section provides a tutorial example on how to reflect arrays as classes and introspect its properties like superclass, element type, etc.
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ActivityLog Test - Activity Paused and Resumed
This section tries to test activity lifecycle with the ActivityLog application in case user pauses the activity and resumes it later.
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Android Application Package (APK) Files
This chapter provides tutorial notes on Android application package (APK) files. Topics include introduction to APK file; packaging application files into a single APK file; using 'adb' command to install APK files; using 'adb' command to copy file to Android emulator.
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What Is Key Encoding?
This section describes private and public key encoding standards: PKCS#8 is used for encoding private keys and X.509 is used for encoding public keys.
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Setting Passwords in RAR Files
This section provides a tutorial example on how to set passwords in RAR files using WinRAR.
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