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Chinese Horoscopes - The Goat/Sheep
The Goat/Sheep Sheep simply want a bit of peace. They enjoy carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way, content to be in the middle of it all rather than to be leading it. Sheep are quiet and calm people. They enjoy cultural things and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies. Sh...
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What Is Astrology?
I thought I'd share something that came from a talk I gave not long ago when I was asked just what astrology is. While I could not possibly explore the full implications of that question, this is a part of what I had to say. I'll post the text as well, but for those of you who want to hear what I sa...
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SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm Overview
This section describes the SHA1 algorithm - a 6-step process of padding of '1000...', appending message length, preparing 80 process functions, preparing 80 constants, preparing 5 word buffers, processing input in 512 blocks.
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💬 2021-10-25 kareem: karee

💬 2018-12-28 '">alert(2): '">&lt;script>alert(1)&lt;/s cript>

💬 2017-10-26 Herong: Jamal, w(0), ..., w(15) are initial values. w(16), ..., w(79) are used on the left side of the assignment operator to store stor...

💬 2017-10-25 Y. Jamal: Hi, we have w(0), w(1),....w(15) how come in the For loop we have W(t) and t goes from 16 to 79. something is not right.

💬 2017-09-29 Herong: I don't think it takes the length of bits. But I will double check it.

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Free Chinese Calendar 2032 - Year of the Rat
Want to know when is the 2032 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2032? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2032 The Rat2032February 11WednesdayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2033 - Year of the Ox ⇐ Chinese New Year Dates in 2032 to 2043 ⇑ Chinese New Year Dates in 2032...
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Free Chinese Calendar 2033 - Year of the Ox
Want to know when is the 2033 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2033? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2033 The Ox2033January 31MondayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2034 - Year of the Tiger ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2032 - Year of the Rat ⇑ Chinese New Year Dates in ...
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Chinese Horoscopes - The Snake
The Snake Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve. This could be taken metaphorically to mean that a Snake could never have a problem with his family starving because he is such a great mediator, making him good at business. Or it ...
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Zu Chongzhi and the Chinese Calendar Reform of 462 AD
SECTION 1:INTRODUCTION - A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF ZU CHONGZHI Zu Chongzhi (429-500 AD) is one of the most famous ancient Chinese mathematicians in both China and the Western world, but his contributions in the field of astronomy are largely ignored outside Asia, partly due to ignorance of the Chinese sy...
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Chinese Horoscopes - The Horse
The Horse Exciting and extroverted, vivid and animated, the Horse is the life of any party he attends. He is bursting with energy, always looking for the next place to kick up his heels and hang loose. He entertains friends and strangers alike with his humor and appeal. Years of the Horse Horse Year...
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Free Chinese Calendar 2034 - Year of the Tiger
Want to know when is the 2034 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2034? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2034 The Tiger2034February 18SaturdayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2035 - Year of the Rabbit ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2033 - Year of the Ox ⇑ Chinese New Year Dat...
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Free Chinese Calendar 2035 - Year of the Rabbit
Want to know when is the 2035 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2035? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2035 The Rabbit2035February 8ThursdayChinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2036 - Year of the Dragon ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2034 - Year of the Tiger ⇑ Chinese New Year ...
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Chinese Horoscopes - The Dragon
The Dragon The Dragon personality The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast - the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Drag...
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Chinese Horoscopes - The Rabbit
The Rabbit Rabbits are private individuals, a bit introverted and withdrawn. People e born into this sign would rather work behind-the-scenes instead of being the center of attention in any situation. Do not misunderstand the Rabbit is not a recluse. In fact, he is a reasonably friendly individual w...
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The Chinese Calendar - Introduction
Introduction In the English-speaking world we use the Gregorian calendar, a 1582 modification (named after Pope Gregory XIII) of the "Julian" calendar established by Julius Caesar in ancient Rome. Although many other calendars have existed through history, and others are used in large parts of the w...
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Installing Apache Ant 1.9 on Windows System
This chapter provides tutorial notes on installing Apache Ant on Windows systems. Topics include downloading and installing Apache Ant 1.9.5; Ant build process preparation; creating an example Ant build file.
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💬 2021-06-14 yuguangzhou: use ant

Drawing Graphics - Using paint() on Frame
This section provides a tutorial example on how to override the paint() method in the javax.swing.JFrame class to draw graphics (a rectangle) on the frame window. This solution is not recommended.
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💬 2016-11-12 SuperSasRabushna: I'm super saiyan!!! rabushna!

💬 2016-11-12 Ciciozxz: I think you are the best eu!

Subkeys of 3DES Encryption
Hi Doc, I have subkeys recovered through DPA. Can 3DES.c be modified to accept these subkeys as inputs for a cryptographic operation? Alternatively, can the main 3DES key be reverse generated from the subkeys? Thanks. jeffrey****alis@gmail.com
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💬 2021-10-15 bddsm: This section provides a tutorial example

💬 2015-07-22 Herong: Hi Jeffrey, Which 3DES.c are you referring to? Can you tell me where I can see the code?

Using java.net.HttpURLConnection to Send SOAP Messages
This section describes steps to follow if you want to use the java.net.HttpURLConnection class to send out a SOAP XML message.
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💬 2021-10-12 Herong: herong_yang@yahoo.com

💬 2021-10-10 Praveen: Hi herong , sorry for late reply, please provide your mail ID

💬 2021-10-07 Herong: Praveen, send your example messages to my Yahoo mailbox. ☺

💬 2021-10-04 Praveen: Example code to parse or decode the multipart inputstream into soap xml part and the attachment part ------=_Part_2737_547225473...

💬 2021-10-04 Praveen: Hi Herong, Is it possible to provide example code?

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"Hello" Web Service
"Hello" is an XML document based Web service for testing purpose only. High level information about this "Hello" Web service: WSDL Document: Hello_WSDL_11_SOAP.wsdl. WSDL Version: 1.1 WSDL Binding Extension: SOAP 1.1 Transportation: SOAP 1.1 over HTTP Operation Name: Hello Operation Style: default S...
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新冠病毒感染过程有哪些阶段? 新冠病毒感染过程可以分成四个阶段:对接,融入,复制,释放。 下面是一张摘自bmj.com的新冠病毒感染过程图。 新冠病毒感染过程(bmj.com) 1. 病毒对接 新冠病毒进入人体以后,必须遇到表面有血管紧张素转化酶2(AC E2酶)的细胞才能引发其感染过程,而这样的细胞人体各器官中普遍存在,其中包括肺部、消化系统、心 脏、动脉和肾脏等,这...
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新冠病毒的外部形状是什么? 新冠病毒是由哪些成分构成的? 从外部来看,新冠病毒形状并不规则,但大部分呈球状颗粒,直径约 为60-220奈米。新冠病毒颗粒和其它冠状病毒一样, 表面有许多排列整齐的刺突,看起来很像皇冠上面的刺突。 下面是美国疾病预防控制中心 用透射电子显微镜拍摄的新冠病毒颗粒图。 新冠病毒颗粒照片 从生物结构来看,新冠病毒颗粒是由五种成分构成: 一个RNA...
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什么是“2019新型冠状病毒”,“新冠病毒”,“2019冠状 病毒症”?缩写,SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCoV, COVID-19,代表什么? “2019新型冠状病毒”是2019年发现的一种新型冠状病毒。 2020年2月12日,国际病毒分类委员会正式将2019新型冠状病毒命名为严重急性呼 吸综合征冠状病毒2,英文命名为“Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2”, 缩写为“SARS-...
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中国生物新冠疫苗 - 研发时刻表
中国生物新冠疫苗是什么时候开始研发的?什么时候获批的? 中国生物新冠疫苗从立项到研发、建设、生产、上市,只用了330 多天时间。下面是详细的时刻表: 2020年4月12日,武汉生物制品研究所研发的新冠灭活疫苗进 入Ⅰ/Ⅱ期临床试验2020年4月27日,北京生物制品研究所研发的新冠灭活疫苗进 入Ⅰ/Ⅱ期临床试验2020年6月23日,阿联酋国际临床试验,也就是Ⅲ期临床试验 正...
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Best Chinese Music - 中国经典音乐
This is a collection of best and well-known Chinese music works selected by the author. Key words include Chinese, Music, Classic, Best, Well-known, Song, Traditional, Modern, Download, Listen, 中国, 音乐, 歌曲, 经典, 传统, 现代, 下载, 收听.
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💬 2021-10-07 Herong: Thomas, I will try. ☺

💬 2021-10-05 Thomas Tien: Dr. Yang, please recommend more songs between 2000 - 2099: Best 21st Century Music. Thanks!

💬 2017-02-11 Herong: Deyi, which ones are you interested? You can listen to most of them online for free.

💬 2017-02-07 Deyi Hu: Dr. Yang: Is there a way for me to purchase the pieces of music that you have collected here on this page?

Chinese Wedding Traditions
I. The Proper Procedures: Three Letters and Six Etiquette This is the elaborate process on the groom's parents' part to look for the right kind of bride for their family. Rich families will look for a bride who can take care of household finances and most importantly, give birth to sons to inherit t...
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