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My First JSP Page - hello.jsp
This section provides a tutorial example on how to create the first JSP page with JSP code to test the JSP support of the Tomcat Web server.
2023-09-08, 7085🔥, 4💬

💬 2021-11-21 Cyp: &lt;html>&lt;body> &lt;% out.println("Hello world! -- From JSP"); %> &lt;/body>&lt;/html>

💬 2019-07-10 s: hello

"geth" Commands for Ethereum Accounts
This section describes 'geth' commands to manage Ethereum accounts.
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💬 2023-09-08 Richard Radigan: I want to test let me in

Base64 Encoding Algorithm
This section describes the Base64 encoding algorithm with some simple encoding examples.
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💬 2022-10-19 budi: nice

💬 2022-02-06 ANONYMOUS: Wow! Nice explain.. Thanks a lot ;)

💬 2021-11-21 Jack: The best explanation of Base64 encoding! Thanks!

💬 2021-11-19 ME: I like it

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Comment Testing Area
What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
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Downloading and Installing Notepad++ with XML Tools
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Notepad++ on Windows system; and how to add the XML Tools Plugin in Notepad++.
2023-08-24, 265698🔥, 72💬

💬 2023-08-24 gabydp: Thanks!

💬 2022-03-14 herbiee: Thanks so much! Now Ican rite my XML-files.

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PHP 5.6 and PHPMailer 5.2
This section provides a tutorial example on how to install PHPMailer 5.2 in CentOS 8 for PHP 5.6 to send out emails to remote STMPS server.
2023-08-24, 1901🔥, 2💬

Downloading and Installing XML Notepad
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install XML Notepad 2007 on Windows systems.
2023-08-24, 1580🔥, 3💬

💬 2023-08-24 hany: thanks

💬 2018-12-27 Raj: Thanks

Opening UTF-16LE Text Files
This section provides a tutorial example on how to open a UTF-16LE text file with Nodepad correctly by selecting the Unicode encoding option on the open file dialog box.
2023-08-23, 8302🔥, 7💬

💬 2023-08-23 yop: Notepad--

💬 2022-08-08 Herong: Gregg, I am using Notepad, not Notepad++.

💬 2022-08-03 Gregg: I am running v*.2.1 (64 bit) of Notepad++ and I do not see ANYTHING relating to Unicode. My File->Open popup is totally differen...

💬 2018-09-09 Nit: GIF89a��������!�, T;

💬 2018-02-12 Herong: Krishna, dates should have nothing to do with UTF-16 LE format. Can you provide some examples?

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UTF-16LE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16LE (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit Little Endian) encoding for Unicode character set. UTF-16LE is a variation of UTF-16.
2023-08-22, 23590🔥, 30💬

💬 2023-07-02 Robert Kučera: U2FsdGVkX1+0hNJU24eqEsbTKsJxnpZ2KjSz b0TufyBbuu8NU1q0U1odiDkKM2MM

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Processing Chinese Input on Web Forms in UTF-8
This section describes how to display a Web form and process form Chinese input data in UTF-8.
2023-08-20, 1429🔥, 6💬

💬 2021-03-04 出徐: 出徐

💬 2021-01-13 wqee: Test

Use JDBC Driver in Servlet
This section provides a tutorial example on how to test the SQL Server JDBC driver on macOS systems.
2023-08-17, 306🔥, 1💬

New Year's Eve - Last Day of Lunar Year
When is the Chinese New Year's Eve? How is it celebrated? What are the traditions? The last day of the lunar year is the Chinese New Year's Eve (Chinese: 除夕, 年三十) to worship ancestors and have family reunion dinner. The Chinese New Year's Eve falls on the following dates in the Gregorian calendar:...
2023-08-13, 3241🔥, 1💬

Free Chinese Calendar 2038 - Year of the Horse
Want to know when is the 2038 Chinese New Year day? Look for free Chinese calendars for 2038? Chinese New Year Date for Year 2038 The Horse 2038 February 4 Thursday Chinese New Year   ⇒ Free Chinese Calendar 2039 - Year of the Goat ⇐ Free Chinese Calendar 2037 - Year of the Snake ⇑ Chinese New Year...
2023-08-13, 5005🔥, 1💬

The 24 Solar Terms
The 24 Solar Terms         The 24 solar terms is a gross name of the system that comprises of 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms interlaced with each other.  Starting from "vernal equinox", the 12 major solar terms are "vernal equinox", "corn rain", "corn forms", "summer solstice", "gr...
2023-08-13, 2155🔥, 1💬

C# Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples
This book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning C#. Topics include: Data, Variables and Expressions; Logical Expressions and Conditional Statements; Arrays and Loops; Data Types; Precision of 'float', 'double', and 'decimal'; Performance of 'float', 'd...
2023-08-13, 3051🔥, 5💬

💬 2019-11-27 Gin: How does it work?

Using Notepad as a Unicode Text Editor
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on using Nodepad as a Unicode text editor. Topics including opening Unicode text files in 3 encodings: UTF-8, UTF-16BE, and UTF-16LE; saving and opening Unicode text files with the BOM character.
2023-08-11, 1175🔥, 3💬

Generate secp256k1 Keys with OpenSSL
This section provides a tutorial example on how to generate EC (Elliptic Curve) private and public key pairs using secp256k1 domain parameters.
2023-08-10, 2915🔥, 3💬

💬 2023-08-10 emanuel: thanks , it was realz helpfull. can zou tell me how can i encrzpt with btc key some message, because btc use the same secp256k1 ...

HTTPS Request and Response Example
This section describes an example of HTTPS request and response captured by a Perl script using the Crypt::SSLeay module.
2023-08-09, 4945🔥, 4💬

💬 2023-08-09 hohl: dthdfgh

💬 2020-04-29 james: alert('cum')

💬 2019-07-13 xss: HI

jar - JAR File Tool Command and Options
This section describes the 'jar' command to manage JAR files. 'jar' command syntax and options are provided.
2023-08-08, 1009🔥, 2💬

💬 2023-08-08 Herong: Lina, can you run "ls -l $SNPEFF/snpEff.jar" to see if the JAR file is accessible?

💬 2023-08-07 Lina: I install the snpEff package using conda install in a conda environment and I am unable to use it. It says unable to access the ...

Installing Apache Ant 1.9 on Windows System
This chapter provides tutorial notes on installing Apache Ant on Windows systems. Topics include downloading and installing Apache Ant 1.9.5; Ant build process preparation; creating an example Ant build file.
2023-08-08, 694🔥, 3💬

💬 2023-08-08 foadtul bahari: bagaimana nak install

💬 2021-06-14 yuguangzhou: use ant

What Is Lorentz Factor?
This section introduces Lorentz Factor, which is the factor used in the time dilation and other formulas in special relativity.
2023-08-03, 6749🔥, 6💬

💬 2023-08-03 Victor: You switched which time is proper time and which is dilated time. T' should be the elapsed time of the person at rest.

💬 2022-04-20 Tom: Thankd

💬 2019-08-29 Carl Burrnett: This was immensely helpful in my pursuit of trying to understand theoretical physics.

💬 2017-09-24 Shuvojit khan: There is anothere equation ΔE=PΔT

💬 2017-04-30 Abhishek Dogra: Thanks

Processing XML with Python Scripts
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on Python XML packages. Topics include introduction of built-in 'xml' packages; using xml.dom.minidom package to build new XML documents; parsing XML documents into DOM object trees; parsing XML documents using SAX event handlers.
2023-08-02, 241🔥, 1💬

HTTP Request and Response Raw Data
This section provides a tutorial example on how to view HTTP request and response raw data which includes HTTP header lines.
2023-07-27, 6185🔥, 6💬

💬 2023-04-22 NLExecutor: meaningful comments. Thanks! ☺

💬 2023-02-07 myselfs: hello

💬 2020-06-28 Rozak: Hello

Compiling Hello.java - My First Java Program
This section provides a tutorial example on how to compile a Java program using the 'javac' tool without any options.
2023-07-26, 372🔥, 1💬

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