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setMnemonic() - Setting Keyboard Mnemonics on Menu Items
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use setMnemonic() method to associate mnemonics to menu items. Mnemonics allows user to interact with menu items using keys on keyboard.
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Creating Module JAR File
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'jar --create' command to create a module JAR file to store all class files of a Java module.
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💬 2023-04-24 Jeff: Append my comments. It actually worked. Didn't realize C in -C is a capital letter and there's a dot in the end.

💬 2023-04-24 Jeff: when I tried --describe-module option, command prompt said no module descriptor found. Derived automatic module. Also, the --lis...

AS3Compile - ActionScript 3 Compiler
This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on AS3Compile - An ActionScript 3 compiler developed by the SWFTools team. Topics include compiling ActionScript 3 file with 'AS3Compile' command; extending flash.display.MovieClip class to build a Flash file; adding graphics and texts in MovieC...
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GUID Generator
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the GUID Generator operation provided by uuidgenerator.net.
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💬 2023-04-22 me: Thanks for the info ! I used it to generate unique QR codes by pasting UUIDs into https://rocketfiles.ovh/en/CreateQRC ode.

HTTP Request and Response Raw Data
This section provides a tutorial example on how to view HTTP request and response raw data which includes HTTP header lines.
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Thank You for Your Support
Hello Friend, A copy of the PDF or ePUB version of the requested book will be emailed to you as soon as I received the notification from PayPal. Note that this may take a day or two. If you have any question, please contact me at: herong_yang@yahoo.com. Thanks for you support. Herong
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💬 2021-06-09 Kenneth R. Gardner: Hi I just purchased a PDF copy of XSD Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples. My email address that you can send the PDF to is: ...

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Compilation and Execution Process of C Programs
This section describes steps of the compilation and execution process of C programs: preprocessing, compilation, assembly, linking and loading.
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💬 2023-04-16 Tasaduk: Great it was easy for me to understand on your site thanks once again

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💬 2021-02-05 Theo Bruelhart: Dr. Herong Yang: I do appreciate the clarity and simplicity of your explanation. Thank you!

💬 2019-04-08 A compiler is a special program: aler(1);

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1C80: Cyrillic Extended-C
This section provides a quick summary of the Unicode code point block: 'Cyrillic Extended-C', which contains 16 code points to represent Cyrillic Extended-C alphabets used in the Cyrillic Extended-C language.
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💬 2023-04-15 EnzoGabriel: What the djagahs

Full Version in PDF/EPUB
Information on how to obtain the full version of this book in PDF, EPUB, or other formats.
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What Is PKCS5Padding?
This section describes what is PKCS5Padding - a schema to pad cleartext to be multiples of 8-byte blocks.
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UTF-16LE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16LE (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit Little Endian) encoding for Unicode character set. UTF-16LE is a variation of UTF-16.
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UTF-16BE Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16BE (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit Big Endian) encoding for Unicode character set. UTF-16BE is a variation of UTF-16.
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💬 2022-08-26 asewathy: 灩捯䍔䙻ㄶ形楴獟楮獴㌴摟潦弸弰㑣〷㘰摽

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Relationship between Servlet and JSP
This section describes the relationship between of Servlet and JSP. Most JSP servers (containers) are implemented to support the JSP technology as an extension of the Servlet technology.
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UTF-16 Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of the UTF-16 (Unicode Transformation Format - 16-bit) encoding for Unicode character set. Paired surrogates are used for characters in the U+10000...0x10FFFF range.
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Install MetaMask Extension for Chrome
This section describes how to install MetaMask extension for Chrome.
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💬 2023-04-10 mike: you can find more information about metamask extension on my blog https://sites.google.com/metamsklogs .com/metamaskextension/hom...

XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++. Topics include downloading and installing Notepad++ and XML Tools Plugin; generating pretty print XML format; XSD validation; XSLT transformation.
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💬 2023-04-05 Marcin: great tool

💬 2022-12-03 Herong: Stuart, may be you need to set the output encoding as UTF-8: &lt;xsl:output encoding="UTF-8" ...>

💬 2022-12-01 Stuart: The XML tools are great. I've just tried the XSL Transformation too for an XML-HTML transformation containing Arabic characters ...

💬 2019-09-10 xiaolu: Great tool

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"RefillOrder" Web Service - WSDL 1.1 and SOAP 1.1
"RefillOrder" is an XML document based Web service for testing purpose only. High level information about this "Reservation" Web service: WSDL Document: RefillOrder_WSDL_11_SOAP_11_Do cument.wsdl. WSDL Version: 1.1 WSDL Binding Extension: SOAP 1.1 Transportation: SOAP 1.1 over HTTP Operation Name: R...
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"g++ -I..." and CPATH Environment Variable
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'g++ -I...' option and/or CPATH environment variable to specify paths of include header files for GCC compiler.
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Storing Non-ASCII Characters in Database
This section describes how to store non-ASCII characters in MySQL database using different character set settings set column, table or database level.
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11D00: Masaram Gondi
This section provides a quick summary of the Unicode code point block: 'Masaram Gondi', which contains 76 code points to represent the Masaram Gondi script which was created in 1918 by Munshi Mangal Singh Masaram of Madhya Pradesh, India to write the Gondi language, a Dravidian language spoken in ce...
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💬 2023-03-27 sravan: sravan kumar

16800: Bamum Supplement
This section provides a quick summary of the Unicode code point block: 'Bamum Supplement', which contains 576 code points to represent additional Bamum alphabets used in the Bamum language.
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GB2312 Encoding for GB2312 Character Set
This section provides a quick introduction of the GB2312 encoding for the GB2312 character set. GB2312 is a 2-byte (8 bits per bytes) encoding.
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JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver - sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver produced by Sun and DataDirect. Topics include loading JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver; creating a DSN (Data Source Name) with a ODBC driver; Connecting to SQL Server with JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
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💬 2019-10-15 felipe: um teste de mensagem

💬 2017-09-12 tilahun bekele: good site

💬 2017-08-27 Herong: Can you try to the 32-bit 1.7JDK?

💬 2017-08-24 jaime: Hi I have created a DSN and the test is Ok. I have this program: import java.sql.*; public class OdbcDsnConnection { public stat...

💬 2017-06-27 Herong: Shubhankar, you can download JDK 1.7. It has JDBC-ODBC bridge included.

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Download and Install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows
This section describes how to download and install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows systems.
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