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Class Loading Problem - JAR Hell
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use ClassLoader.getSystemResources ()method to return all locations of the same class file. This is useful when you are dealing with JAR hell problem.
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Install OpenJ9 JVM with OpenJDK on CentOS Systems
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install a binary combination of different OpenJDK and OpenJ9 JVM releases for CentOS systems.
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Validating an XML File against a XSD Schema
This section describes different ways to validate XML files against XSD schemas: using standalone XML validation tools, using on-line XML validators, and writing your own XML validation programs.
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MetaMask - Browser Based Ethereum Wallet
This chapter describes MetaMask - a Google Chrome browser based Ethereum light wallet.
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"-XX:TargetSurvivorRatio" - Second Tenuring Condition
This section describes the '-XX:TargetSurvivorRatio' JVM option, with sets the maximum survivor space usage percentage. When this limit is reached, all remaining live objects will be promoted to Tenured generation regardless of their age.
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What Is rdkit.Chem.Draw Module
This section provides a quick introduction of the core module of the RDKit library, rdkit.Chem.Draw, which functionalities to create molecule images in different formats as displaying images, internal objects, or external files.
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Molecule Substructure Search with RDKit
This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples on substructure search with RDKit library. Topics include substructure match with HasSubstructMatch() and GetSubstructMatch() methods; using SMARTS patterms as substructures; aligning molecule orientation with substructure; finding MCS (Maxim...
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Parallel New (ParNew) Collector for Minor GC
This section demonstrates that the '-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC' JVM option invokes the Parallel New (ParNew) collector for Young generation GC.
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space-before/space-after vs. Margin
This section provides a tutorial example showing how to use space-before and space-after to override margin-top and margin-bottom in lr-tb writing mode to control margin spaces between blocks.
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RDKit Substructure Search with SMARTS
This section provides a tutorial example on how to perform substructure search with a MARTS parttern using RDKit library.
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jhat - Java Heap Analysis Tool
This section describes the Java heap analysis tool 'jhat' command and its options. 'jhat' can be used browse a Java heap dump file through a Web interface.
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"bf-cbc" Cipher with Literal Key
A tutorial example is provided to show you how to use the 'bf-cbc' (Blowfish in CBC mode) cipher with Literal Key to encrypt and decrypt binary data files.
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rotateLeft() - Left Rotating All Bits in a Byte Array
This section provides a tutorial example on how to perform a left rotation of all bits in a byte array - rotateLeft().
2022-10-01, 208👍, 0💬

Closing AWT Frame and Terminating Application
This section provides solutions and sample program on how to close an AWT frame and terminate the application.
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Elliptic Curve Point Doubling Example
This section provides algebraic calculation example of point doubling, adding a point to itself, on an elliptic curve.
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"-XX:ConcGCThreads=3" - Old GC Concurrent Threads
This section demonstrates that the '-XX:ConcGCThreads=3' option can be used to control the number of threads used in 1 of the CMS concurrent phases: Mark phase.
2022-10-01, 206👍, 0💬

Use OpenLDAP Client Tools
This section provides a tutorial example on how to install OpenLDAP client tools and use them to access and manage LDAP server remotely.
2022-10-01, 205👍, 0💬

Drawing Graphics - Using paint() on Frame or Component
This section provides a tutorial example on how to override the paint() method in the javax.awt.Frame class to draw graphics (a rectangle) on the frame window, or override the paint() method in the java.awt.Component class to draw graphics and add the component to the frame window.
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"hexBinary" Datatype Values and Representations
This section describes the built-in primitive datatype, 'hexBinary' that represents binary data represented in hexadecimal encoding. Leading and trailing whitespaces allowed and trimmed.
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Blowfish Cipher Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples
This tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Blowfish cipher himself. Topics basic concepts of cipher and encryption; introduction of Blowfish cipher algorithm; 8366 Hex Digits of PI; Perl Crypt::Blowfish and Crypt::CBC, Crypt::CFB modules;...
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Block Hash Calculation Algorithm
This section describes the Block Hash Calculation Algorithm.
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Calculate Transaction ID
This section describes how to calculate the transaction ID from the raw transaction data.
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"portType" - Port Type Definition Element
This section describes 'portType', a definition element that defines a port type with one or multiple operations. An operation is defined with input-output pattern. An input or output is defined to be of a given message type.
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Configure Mozilla Thunderbird to Use LDAP
This section provides a tutorial example on how to configure and use LDAP server to provide email addresses in Mozilla Thunderbird.
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