Wedding Dates to Avoid


Advice on Picking a Wedding Date and Avoiding Dates that Will be a Problem Later

Most of the wedding articles you'll read will tell advice on the best wedding dates to have the best weather and the biggest discounts. What they don't tell you is what the WORST wedding dates are. Here are wedding dates you'll surely want to avoid when planning:

Wedding dates that may bring bad luck to your marriage

-Weekends that include a Friday the 13th

-The Ides of March (March 15)

-September 11

-Daylight savings days (since you're guests may either arrive an hour early, or show up horribly late.)

Wedding Dates when, however fun your reception, your guests will likely wish they were somewhere else.

-New Year's Weekend

-Superbowl weekend



-The weekend before April 15 - tax day

-Memorial Day weekend

-Labor Day weekend

While some wedding experts say these both Labor Day and Memorial Day are good days to get married (as you'll likely find cheaper rates, and your guest will have three days to travel), I find that wedding guests often have other plans for these weekends.


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