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Here are the Chinese Festivals coming soon:

2021October 14Thursday重阳 - Double Ninth Festival
2022January 10Monday腊八 - Laba Festival
2022January 31Monday除夕 - New Year's Eve
2022February 1Tuesday春节 - Chinese New Year
2022February 15Tuesday元宵 - Lantern Festival
2022April 5Tuesday清明 - Qingming Festival
2022June 3Friday端午 - Dragon Boat Festival
2022August 4Thursday七夕 - Chinese Valentine
2022September 10Saturday中秋 - Mid Autumn Festival
2022October 4Tuesday重阳 - Double Ninth Festival

More information about Chinese Festivals:

New Year's Eve - Last Day of Lunar Year

New Year (Spring Festival) - First Day of Lunar Year

Lantern Festival - 15th Day of 1st Lunar Month

Qingming Festival - 1st Day of 5th Solar Term

Dragon Boat Festival - 5th Day of 5th Lunar Month

Valentine's Day - 7th Day of 7th Lunar Month

Mid Autumn (Mooncake Festival) - 15th Day of 8th Lunar Month

Double Ninth Festival - 9th Day of 9th Lunar Month

Laba Festival - 8th Day of 12th Lunar Month

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New Year's Eve - Last Day of Lunar Year

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