Create Methane Molecule in PyMol

This section provides a tutorial on how to create a methane molecule by exporting a single carbon atom and adding hydrogens in PyMol.

With selection and exporting functionalities, we can actually build a simple molecule like Methane in PyMol.

1. Export Carbon atom as a selection to an SDF file: Carbon-Atom.sdf:

delete all
load Molecule-HY-001.sdf

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show lines

select carbon, id 6
save Carbon-Atom.sdf, carbon, -1, sdf

2. Load Carbon-Atom.sdf and add hydrogens build the Methane molecule:

delete all
load Carbon-Atom.sdf


3. Show Methane molecule in "sticks" representation:

hide all
show sticks

4. Export Methane molecule in an SDF file:

save Molecule-Methane.sdf, all, -1, sdf

Here you go! A methane molecule is created in an SDF file.

Create Methane Molecule in PyMol
Create Methane Molecule in PyMol

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