Chinese Horoscopes - The Monkey Personality


People born in the year of the monkey can cope with almost any intricacy with a sober mind. Ambitious and knowledgeable as they are, they can achieve great success in whatever career they decide to embrace.

However, they have their weak points, such as a strong sense of superiority, egoism and vanity. So it is easy for them to become jealous when others achieve something or acquire something they don't have.

They also have strong sense of competition and planning, but always keep this a secret. Their talent in seeking wealth, planning for success and demonstrating power cannot be compared with people born in the years of the other zodiac animals.

One of the character traits of people born in the year of the monkey is the firmness. Though some of them appear to be shy, they are adamant inside.

They like to appreciate and show their wit and bravery. They take it for granted that other people are nothing in comparison with them, and they never conceal their happiness and pride. But sometimes their cleverness may overreach itself. When they are playing petty tricks to get something profitable with the least effort and money, or putting forward some shrewd proposals, people may become suspicious of their motives and moral qualities.

Certainly this doesn't mean that they are good for nothing. If we look at them from another angle, we find that their weak points somewhat reflect their intelligence. When they direct their wisdom into the proper channels, they blaze many new trails and initiate various kinds of inventions. Moreover, since they are always in high spirits whether they have failed or not, and are determined to manage their business with great perseverance, they achieve marvelous things in the end.

Monkey people usually adopt the policy of making large sales at a small profit when doing business. Unlike the generous "tigers" and hard-headed "dragons," the "monkeys" square accounts in every detail and accumulate much wealth by saving small profits. Their acumen and economic success are really surprising!

Being ever-victorious, they are never satisfied with what they have had. They want have a try at everything, and never waste a second in doing their work.

They have a strong sense of self-protection. If surrounded, they will try their best to quickly break through any encirclement. Generally speaking they behave carefully and evenly. But when they are incessantly harassed, they will fly into a rage.

Girls born in the year of the monkey are always in high spirit and full of glamour. Wherever they go, they bring happiness to everyone. Witty and agreeable, they are good partners. At exciting evening parties, recreational activities and sumptuous banquets, you can't miss their busy figures!

They are talented in imitating and acting. Always cheerful and energetic, they go straight toward their life aims with indomitable spirits. They never tell their secrets to those who are not their friends, though they speak in a loud voice.

Though fun-lovers, they never waste time in doing something to no avail. They're good at using well-chosen fictions when chatting with different people on different occasions, and taking advantage of other people's weaknesses to control them. As they are perfectionists, it's difficult for their inferiors to please them or take money out of their pockets, unless they have done something perfectly.

Always neatly dressed, women born in the year of the monkey are particular about their appearance, especially their hair styles. By the way, overusing cosmetics may make their skin rough, because it is easy for them to get allergic reactions.

Most of the people born in the year of the monkey have the spirit of working in earnest, and they are good at managing financial affairs. If political or economic circles want to achieve certain aims, it is wise to recruit such people. But only when they're fully on your side, can they be ideal cooperators.

They have some of the characteristics of strategists. For example, they are always ready to seize any favorable chance to achieve their goals, and before they take action they will carefully plan for strategic changes and decent leeways.

They are full of humor and resources, which makes it easy for them to get what they want. But few people dare to believe in and make friends with them because they're generally complicated and mutable and seldom care if they have violated the interests of other people.

To do them justice, they are somewhat indispensable in the real life. Their talent-for managing money matters is the admiration of the people born in the year of the mouse, and their wisdom may inspire and enlighten "dragons." Besides, people born in the rabbit, sheep, dog and ox have much respect for their versatility, and the "pigs" and "rooster" like to have them as cooperators.


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