System Extremely Slow - Bad Startup Programs

This section provides some notes on a system issue, where the 'System' is using 99% of the CPU time after waking up from a hibernation.

Recently, my Windows XP system sometimes runs extremely slow after waking up from hibernation. Here is I observed:

1. Mouse moves ok. But no response on clicking on any running applications.

2. Looking at the harddisk light, it flashes once a while. So there is not much disk reading or writing.

3. Pressing Alt-Ctrl-Delete keys takes more than 1 minute for the dialog box to show up.

4. Clicking "Task Manager" takes more than 8 minutes for the Task Manager windows to show up. It reports that the "System" process is using 99% of CPU time:

CPU Usage: 100%
PF Usage: 438 MB
Processes: 43
The process with the highest CPU usage:
   Image Name: System
   CPU: 99%
   Mem Usage: 232 K

5. Pressing Alt-Ctrl-Delete keys again, click "Shut Down" and select "Restart". It takes a long while for the system to start ending applications and background processes.

6. The "Ending Program - SMax4PNP" dialog box shows up with progress bar. Then the "SMax4PNP - This program is not responding" dialog shows up. Click the "End Now" button to help the system.

7. The "... This program is not responding" dialog box shows up for all running applications and background processes.

8. After a long time, the system restarts normally.

What is causing the "System" process to use 99% of CPU time? My guess is that some applications I installed recently left some components on the system to run as startup programs. I need to review all of them and remove as many of them as possible.

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System Extremely Slow - Bad Startup Programs

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