Sequence Diagram - Frame Notation

This chapter provides tutorial notes and examples on UML sequence diagram and notations. Topics include introduction to UML sequence diagram; graphical notations to describe object lifeline, communication messages, execution specification, sequence frame, etc.

A Sequence Frame Notation is a graphical notation used in a UML Sequence Diagram to provide a boundary to enclose all messages and lifelines of a communication sequence.

A Sequence Frame Notation is drawn as a large rectangle with a pentagon at the top left corner. "sd" followed by the sequence name are written in the pentagon.

For example, communication message interchanges between a user, a Web browser and a Web server to perform a user login process can be described as a communication message sequence with sequence frame. This frame can be drawn with a Sequence Frame Notation in a UML sequence diagram as shown below:
UML Notation Shape - Sequence Frame

Last update: 2014.

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