Class Diagram - Class Notation

This section describes the Class Notation used in a UML Class Diagram. A Class Notation presents a class of objects which share the same set of properties and behaviors.

A Class Notation is the primary graphical notation used in a UML Class Diagram to represent a class of objects which share the same set of properties and behaviors. Conceptually, a class:

A Class Notation is drawn as a rectangle shape with 3 sections to list the class, its attributes and its operations.

For example, the "Time" class can be defined as:

Name: Time

   public Integer hour
   public Integer minute
   public Integer second

   public void addHours(Integer)
   public void addMinutes(Integer)
   public void addSeconds(Integer)

This class can be drawn as a Class Notation in a UML class diagram as shown below:
UML Notation Shapes - Class

Note that a Class Notation can be simplified to show the name section only.

Last update: 2014.

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