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This section provides a tutorial example on how to join as a community member.

The first step of services is to join and create an account.

1. Run Firefox and visit

2. Click "Join" link. The "This Connection is Untrusted" error page shows up. This is normal, because is not recognized as a trusted root CA by Firefox, and other popular Web browsers.

3. Click "I Understand the Risks" link on the error page and click "Add Exception" button. The "Add Security Exception" dialog box shows up. The Location field displays:

4. Click "Confirm Security Exception" button. The sign in form shows.

5. Complete and submit the form. An account verification message will be delivered to your email box.

6. Open the message and click the verification link to finish the sign in process.

Congratulations, you are a community member now!

Last update: 2011.

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 Introduction of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

 Introduction of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

 Using HTTPS with Google Chrome

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 Perl Scripts Communicating with HTTPS Servers

 PHP Scripts Communicating with HTTPS Servers

 Java Programs Communicating with HTTPS Servers

 Windows Certificate Stores and Console

 .NET Programs Communicating with HTTPS Servers - Root CA Offering Free Certificates


Join as a Member

 Installing Root CA in Firefox

 Installig Root CA in IE

 Adding and Validating Domain Names

 Generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

 Getting Server Certificate Signed by

 PKI CA Administration - Issuing Certificates

 Comodo Free Personal Certificate

 Digital Signature - Microsoft Word

 Digital Signature - 3

 S/MIME and Email Security

 PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Terminology

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