LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

Describes what is LVM (Logical Volume Manager) on Linux systems. Commands are provides on how to display LVM related information.

What Is LVM (Logical Volume Manager)? - LVM is a storage manager that allows you to create a single or multiple logical storage volumes across multiple physical disks or partitions.

There are 3 basic concepts used by LVM:

The diagram (source: below provides a good illustration of how PV, VG and LV work together to support file systems.

LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

Here are some commands you can use to display LVM related information on your CentOS computer:

1. List PVs with "fdisk -l" command.

herong$ sudo fdisk -l | grep LVM
/dev/sda7       1750822912 1953523711  202700800  96.7G 8e Linux LVM

2. List VGs with "vgs" command. The output shows that I have 1 VG called "cl" running on 1 PV and serving 3 LV. The total size of the VG is 96.65 GB.

herong$ sudo vgs
  VG #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize  VFree
  cl   1   3   0 wz--n- 96.65g    0

3. List VGs with "lvs" command. The output shows that I have 3 LVs "home", "root" and "swap", created on the "cl" Volume Group.

herong$ sudo lvs
  LV   VG Attr       LSize  Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log
  home cl -wi-ao---- 38.94g
  root cl -wi-ao---- 50.00g
  swap cl -wi-ao----  7.71g

4. List LVs mounting points with the "df" command. "cl-root" and "cl-home" LVs are mounted. "cl-swap" is not mounted.

herong$ df | grep cl
/dev/mapper/cl-root    52403200  24618844  27784356  47% /
/dev/mapper/cl-home    40813088   6703912  34109176  17% /home

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