Generate Hash to Mine Ether at

This section describes how to generate hash to mine Ether with

After registering my Ethereum account at, I can go back and try their Ethereum Mining Console now:

1. Go to Website.

2. Enter my Ethereum account address, 0xef6Ea9F8Bd78ac42Fb2617ba90846D5785BB320c, in the address input box.

3. Click "I'm not a robot" to finish the CAPTCHA challenges. And click "Continue". I see the confirmation message: "You have claimed 1500gwei!"

4. Scroll down to find the MINING CONSOLE.

5. Click "START MINING" on the MINING CONSOLE. I see my browser starts to generate hashes.

6. Watch the hash generation statistics:

HASHES/S: 17.7 - Hashrate, number of hashes per second.
TOTAL: 2533 - Number of hashes generates this session. 
THREADS: 4 - Number of threads used by miner. Can be changed.

HASH BALANCE: 29696 - Total hashes generated
PAYOUT RATE: 9320 gwei/1 million hashes

Good. I am contributing my computer resource to the Ethereum network through And hopefully, I will get rewarded with some Ethers!

Generate Hash to Mine Ether at
Generate Hash to Mine Ether at

Last update: 2018.

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Generate Hash to Mine Ether at

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