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This section describes how to calculate rewards with

While my browser is generating hashes to make Ether money, let's calculate my reward and see how much I can make per hour.

Based on the statistics, here is how many hashes a can generate with my Chrome browser on my home computer with 4 threads.

Hashrate: 18 hashes / second
   = 1,080 hashes / minute
   = 64,800 hashes / hour

Here is the payout rate given by

Payout rate: 9,100 gwei / 1,000,000 hashes

So my hour payout will be:

Hourly payout: Hashrate * Payout rate
   = (64,800 hashes / hour) * (9,100 gwei / 1,000,000 hashes)
   = 589.68 gwei / hour
   = 0.000000589.68 Ether / hour

Finally, convert to US dollars:

Hourly payout in USD: Hourly payout * USD exchange rate
   = (0.000000589.68 Ether / hour) * 700.00 USD / Ether
   = 0.000412776 USD / hour

Too bad. My computer can only make 0.0004 USD per hour, or about 0.01 USD per day.

So I stopped the mining. It's not worth the effort!

Last update: 2018.

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