"tensorflow" Interactive Test Web Page

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use TensorFlow interactive test web page provided by Karlijn Willems. An easy-to-follow tutorial is also provided.

If you don't want to or fail to install "tensorflow" Python library on your local computer, you can still try "tensorflow" online in a Web browser.

1. Go to "TensorFlow Tutorial For Beginners" Web page by Karlijn Willems at https://www.datacamp.com/community/tutorials/tensorflow-tutorial.

2. Read the introduction sections. They are very easy to follow and helpful for understanding the basic concepts.

3. When you reach the first interactive testing window, enter the following TensoFlow Python script, hello_tensor.py, in the "IPython Shell" tab on the right.

import tensorflow as tf
m = tf.constant(["Hello world!"])
s = tf.Session()
o = s.run(m)

4. Press "Enter" key. The script will be executed with output display back on the screen.

TensorFlow Interative Test Web Page
TensorFlow Interative Test Web Page

Cool, right? You can continue to finish Karlijn's tutorial now.

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 About This Book

 Deep Playground for Classical Neural Networks

 Building Neural Networks with Python

 Simple Example of Neural Networks

TensorFlow - Machine Learning Platform

 What Is TensorFlow

 "tensorflow" - TensorFlow Python Library

"tensorflow" Interactive Test Web Page

 Tensor and Tensor Flow Graph

 Tensor Operation Properties

 TensorFlow Session Class and run() Function

 TensorFlow Variable Class and load() Function

 Linear Regression with TensorFlow

 tensorflow.examples.tutorials.mnist Module

 Simple TensorFlow Model on MNIST Database

 Commonly Used TensorFlow Funcitons

 PyTorch - Machine Learning Platform

 CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)

 RNN (Recurrent Neural Network)

 GNN (Graph Neural Network)


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