SoapUI Configuration for Username Token

This section provides a tutorial example on how to create a configuration entry to support WS-Security username token with '#PasswordDigest' password type using SoapUI.

If you want to generate SOAP request messages with a username token using "#PasswordText" password type, you can insert the "wsse:Security.wsse:UsernameToken" element manually with "Username" and "Password" sub elements.

But if you want to generate SOAP request messages with a username tokens using "#PasswordDigest" password type, you need to use some tool to produce SHA-1 digest and Base64 encoding.

SoapUI is definitely an easy-to-use tool to generate SOAP messages that supports username tokens and other WS-Security features.

Here is what I did to set a configuration in SoapUI to generate a "#PasswordDigest" usename tokens:

1. Run SoapUI and load Hello_WSDL_11_SOAP.wsdl as shown in previous tutorials.

2. Double-click on the project name "helloProject" The project properties screen shows up.

3. Click on the "WS-Security Configurations" tab.

4. On the next level tab list, click on "Outgoing WS-Security Configurations".

5. Click the "+" icon to add a WS-Security configuration. Then enter "Username" as the configuration name.

6. Click the "+" icon below the configuration name list to add a configuration entry, Then select "Username" from the entry type list.

7. Enter the following to complete the configuration entry:

Username: herong
Password: iLoveDogs
Add Nonce: [x] Adds a nonce
Add Created: [x] Adds a created
Password Type: Password Digest

The picture belows shows you the WS-Security configuration entry to support "#PasswordDigest" username tokens:
SoapUI - WS-Security Username Token Configuration

Last update: 2014.

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