Variable Inspection - Data Type Validation

This section describes why variables need to be inspected when receiving it in a procedure and how to inspect a variable to determine its data type.

If are writing a procedure, and receiving a variable from the calling code through an argument, you can not always assume that value of the variable is of certain subtype. If you code your procedure with some assumptions, your code will crash if the calling code fails to meet those assumptions.

To better protect your code, you want to inspect the value first, and write your code based on the result of the inspection. Variable inspection can be performed at 3 different levels:

1. Determine the structure type of the variable. Is it an object, array, or scalar.

2. Determine the data subtype of the variable. If it is an object, check its properties; If it is an array, check its elements; If it is a scalar, check the subtype of the value: Byte, Integer, Long, Single, Double, Date, Currency, Boolean, or String.

3. Determine the status of the data. Is it Empty or Null.

VBScript offers a number of built-in functions to help you to inspect a variable:


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