What Is VBScript?

This section provides a quick introduction of VBScript as scripting language for Windows systems. VBScript allows you to write script codes to be executed in many host environments such as Internet Expleror and Internet Information Services for Web page scripting.

VBScript - VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Edition) is a scripting language developed by Microsoft for Windows operating systems.

A VBScript code must be executed within a host environment. It allows you to interact with the host environment to perform some programming tasks.

A host environment will usually:

Examples of VBScript host environments

VBScript version history:

1996 VBScript 1.0
1997 VBScript 2.0 - Renamed to 5.0 later
2002 VBScript 5.6
2007 VBScript 5.7

VBScript is actually is a limited variation of Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language. Therefore VBScript shares the same language syntax as Visual Basic.

Visual Basic can be used to develop standalone Windows applications. Visual Basic can also be used to write macro codes for other Windows applications like Microsoft Access.

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What Is VBScript?

 Using VBScript with Internet Explorer

 Using VBScript with Internet Information Services

 Using VBScript with Windows Script Host

 Using Visual Basic with Microsoft Access

 Variant Data Type, Subtypes, and Literals

 Arithmetic Operations

 Numeric Comparison Operations and Logical Operations

 String Operations - Concatenation and Comparison

 Variable Declaration and Assignment Statement

 Expression and Order of Operation Precedence

 Statement Syntax and Statement Types

 Array Data Type and Related Statements

 Array References and Array Assignment Statements

 Conditional Statements - "If ... Then" and "Select Case"

 Loop Statements - "For", "While", and "Do"

 "Function" and "Sub" Procedures

 Built-in Functions

 Inspecting Variables Received in Procedures

 Error Handling Flag and the "Err" Object

 Regular Expression Pattern Match and Replacement

 scrrun.dll - Scripting Runtime DLL Library

 Creating Your Own Classes

 IE Web Browser Supporting VBScript

 IIS ASP Server Supporting VBScript

 WSH (Windows Script Host)


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