Built-in "Err" Object Properties and Methods

This section describes the built-in 'Err' object, and its properties and methods, Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, Err.Raise(), Err.Clear().

We have used some properties and method of the "Err" object several times in our examples, now let's provide a summary about this built-in object:

1. "Err" is a built-in object representing the last runtime error that occurred during the execution.

2. "Err" has the following important properties.

3. "Err" has the following important methods.

Here is a list of commonly-occurred runtime errors pre-defined in VBScript:

Err.Number Err.Description  

5          Invalid procedure call or argument
6          Overflow
7          Out of Memory
9          Subscript out of range
10         This array is fixed or temporarily locked
11         Division by zero
13         Type mismatch
14         Out of string space
17         Can't perform requested operation
28         Out of stack space
35         Sub or function not defined
48         Error in loading DLL
51         Internal error
91         Object variable not set
92         For loop not initialized
94         Invalid use of Null
424        Object required


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