Multiple Reference Frames in Minkowski Diagram

This section provides a demonstration of the invariant spacetime interval property using a Minkowski diagram.

Another nice feature of a Minkowski diagram is that multiple reference frames can be represented in a single diagram.

Here is an example showing an event E in a Minkowski diagram with 3 reference frames:

An event E at (X,cT)=(0,4) can be represented in all 3 frames in a single Minkowski diagram showing their corresponding coordinates:

(X, cT )=( 0,4)                        #17: coordinates in (x,ct)
(X',cT')=(-3,5)                        #18: coordinates in (x',ct')
(X",cT")=( 3,5)                        #19: coordinates in (x",ct")
Minkowski Diagram Showing Multiple Frames
Minkowski Diagram Showing Multiple Frames

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Multiple Reference Frames in Minkowski Diagram


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