Email Security Settings in Outlook 2007

This section describes email security settings in MS Office Outlook 2007 that control adding encryption and digital signature to outgoing email messages.

To understand how to use digital signature and encryption in Outlook 2007, I reviewed the E-mail Security settings.

1. Run Outlook 2007 and click "Tools > Trust Center". The "Trust Center" dialog box shows up.

2. Click "E-mail Security" tab. Following settings shows up:

Encrypted e-mail
[ ] Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages
[ ] Add digital signatures to outgoing messages
[x] Send clear text signed message when sending signed messages
[ ] Request S/MIME receipt for all S/MIME signed messages

Digital IDs (Certificates)
    Digital IDs or Certificates are documents that allow you to prove
    your identity in electronic transactions.
    [Publish to GAL...] [Import/Export...] [Get a Digital ID...]

Read as Plain Text
[ ] Read all standard mail in plain text


The first 2 settings confirm that Outlook 2007 can encrypt outgoing messages. It can also add digital signatures to outgoing messages. See the picture below:
Outlook 2007 Email Security Settings

Last update: 2011.

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