Issues during MySQL Installation

Two issues occurred during the installation process of MySQL 5.7.10 on a Windows system using MySQL Installer.

Some issues I got during the installation process of MySQL 5.7.10:

1. Configuration taking too long - During the configuration step, I got a warning message box saying: "Configuration of MySQL Server 5.7.10 is taking longer than expected. Do you want to continue waiting or cancel the configuration?"

Of course, I had to click "OK" to continue waiting. This is a stupid message. If you click "Cancel", you will end up with an incomplete installation.

2. MySQL Notifier error - After the installation, the MySQL Notifier icon shows up in the system tray. But when I clicked on it to start or stop the "MySQL57" service, I got an error saying: "The service MySQL57 failed the most recent status change request with the message - The service mysql57 was not found in the Windows Services. If problem persists please restart MySQL Notifier."

Even after I restarted MySQL Notifier, I got the same error. The "MySQL57" service was running by looking at it with "Control Panel > Services".

MySQL Notifier Error
MySQL Notifier Error

Last update: 2015.

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