jimage - JIMAGE File Tool Command

This section describes what is 'jimage' (Java JIMAGE Tool) - is a command line tool to view and extract JIMAGE files.

What Is "jimage"? "jimage", The JIMAGE File Tool, is a command line tool to view and extract jimage files, which are used to store class and resources files of Java modules to support custom JREs.

"jimage" has been included in JDK installation since JDK 9. And it is represented by the %java_home%\bin\jimage.exe program file.

If you have %java_home%\bin directory included in "path" the environment variable, you can run "jimage -help" to see a complete list of all options:

C:\herong>jimage -help
Usage: jimage <extract | info | list | verify> <options> jimage...

  extract  - Extract all jimage entries and place in a directory specified
             by the --dir=<directory> (default=.) option.

  info     - Prints detailed information contained in the jimage header.

  list     - Prints the names of all the entries in the jimage.  When used
             with --verbose, list will also print entry size and offset 

  verify   - Reports on any .class entries that dont verify as classes.

Possible options include:
       --dir            Target directory for extract directive
  -h,  --help           Print usage message
       --include <pattern-list> 
                        Pattern list for filtering entries.
       --verbose        Listing prints entry size and offset attributes
       --version        Print version information

For options requiring a <pattern-list>, the value will be a comma 
separated list of elements each using one the following forms:

Last update: 2018.

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