'jar' - JAR File Tool Command and Options

This section describes the 'jar' command to manage JAR files. 'jar' command syntax and options are provided.

"jar": A command line tool for managing JAR files. "jar" is distributed as part of the Sun JDK package. It has some interesting features:

"jar" command syntax:

Create jar file 
jar c[v0M]f jarfile inputfiles 
jar c[v0]mf manifest jarfile inputfiles

Update jar file 
jar u[v0M]f jarfile inputfiles
jar u[v0]mf manifest jarfile inputfiles

Extract jar file 
jar x[v]f jarfile [inputfiles]

List table of contents of jar file 
jar t[v]f jarfile [inputfiles]


"jar" command is supported by the file, \progra~1\java\jdk*\bin\jar.exe, if you installed JDK as in the previous chapter.

Last update: 2015.

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'jar' - JAR File Tool Command and Options

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