"geth" Crashed - Out of Memory

This section describes why the 'geth' Ethereum node crashed with 'Out of memory' error.

Few seconds after starting the "miner" module, my "geth" Ethereum node crashed with this error in the log file:

Failed to generate mapped ethash dataset epoch=0 err="MapViewOfFile: 
   Not enough storage is available to process this command."
runtime: out of memory: cannot allocate 2147483648-byte block 
   (2720382976 in use)
fatal error: out of memory

I found the following answer at https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues/14633:

You will not be able to mine on a 32bit OS (or running a 32bit version 
of Geth). The ethash mining DAG requires more memory than the 32bit 
address space allows. Please use a 64bit machine, 64bit OS and 64bit 
verision of Geth if you wish to mine.

See next tutorials on how to check "geth" version and install the 64-bit version.

Last update: 2017.

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"geth" Crashed - Out of Memory

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