What Is Ethereum Blockchain Miner

This section describes what is Ethereum Blockchain Miner.

Ethereum Blockchain Miner is a key component of the Ethereum blockchain. It is responsible to find (mine) a nonce number which can be added to a new block to produce a block hash that smaller than the requirement of the network.

On a normal Ethereum network, there are many instances of Blockchain Miners running to compete with each other to be the first one to mine a new block. The winning miner will receive some Ethereum money (Ether) as a reward.

If there is no Ethereum miner running on the network, the blockchain will not grow, because no new blocks are created.

This is why my private Ethereum blockchain is not growing.

The easiest way to run an Ethereum miner is the use the "miner" module provided in "geth (Go Ethereum)". See next tutorial on how to start the "geth" miner module.

Last update: 2017.

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What Is Ethereum Blockchain Miner

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