Setting up Gmail Access on Android tablet

This section provides a tutorial example on how to set up Gmail access on Android tablets: 'Settings' > 'Account and sync' > 'Add account'.

If you want to read emails from your Gmail mailbox or download more applications, you need to do account setup on your Android tablet.

1. Tap on "Settings" and go to the "Accounts" section. You will see a list of Internet access accounts that you have already set up.

2. Tap on the "Add account" link at the top right cornet, then "Next".

3. Select "Google". Then follow instructions on the screen to finish the set up process.

4. Tap on "Applications", then "Gmail". You will see incoming emails listed on the screen now.

If you have more than one Gmail mailbox, you can set up them on your tablet by repeating the "Add account" process.

If you want to remove any mailbox, tap on the Gmail address, then "Remove account".

Of course, you can add other types of accounts too, like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Android Tablet Add an Account
Android Tablet Add an Account

Last update: 2015.

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