PDF Documents Generation Steps

This section describes the steps required to generate PDF documents from your book source file.

The following steps are needed to generate PDF documents from the book source files:

1. Validating the book source files to make sure they are well formed XML files.

2. Merging multiple book source files into a single source file, if there a single book is stored in multiple source files.

3. Splitting the source file into multiple XML files with one file per chapter and per section.

4. Compiling Web page files to resolve variables and build hyper links.

5. Merging multiple XML files back into a single final XML file.

6. Transforming the final XML file to an XSL-FO document.

7. Formatting the XSL-FO document to a PDF document.

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 Writing Book Contents in XHTML Source Files

 Transforming Book Source Files with XSL Technology

 Designing Web Page Layouts with Tables

 Controlling Web Page Appearance with CSS

 Sharing HTML Codes with JavaScript Files

 Generating Web Pages with hyPub

 Formatting Printable Documents with XSL-FO

Generating PDF Documents with hyPub

 Requirements on PDF Version

PDF Documents Generation Steps

 PDF Document Generation with hyPub Perl Programs

 hyPub Sample PDF Documents and Source Code

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