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Title: Chinese Calendar Algorithm - Year 1901 to 2100

Author: Dr. Herong Yang - Contact by email via herong_yang@yahoo.com.

Category: COMPUTERS / General

Version/Edition: v4.14, 2021

Number of pages in PDF format: 274

Description: This book introduces you the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese Calendar. A Java program is provided to convert dates from the Gregorian calendar to the Chinese calendar. This program can also be used to print out Chinese calendars for 200 years between 1901 and 2100. Topics include Chinese Calendar and Background Information; Chinese Calendar Algorithm and Program; Chinese Calendars from year 1901 to year 2100; Formula for Position of the Sun. Updated in 2021 (Version v4.14) with minor changes.

Keywords: Algorithm, Calendar, Chinese, Gregorian, Leap, Lunar, Solar, Stem.


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Table of Contents

About This Book

 Chinese Calendar Background Information

 Chinese Calendar Algorithm and Program

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1901 to 1910

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1911 to 1920

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1921 to 1930

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1931 to 1940

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1941 to 1950

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1951 to 1960

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1961 to 1970

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1971 to 1980

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1981 to 1990

 Chinese Calendars: Year 1991 to 2000

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2001 to 2010

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2011 to 2020

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2021 to 2030

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2031 to 2040

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2041 to 2050

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2051 to 2060

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2061 to 2070

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2071 to 2080

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2081 to 2090

 Chinese Calendars: Year 2091 to 2100


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