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Notes on Astrology This book is a collection of my personal notes on astrology and horoscope. Topics include Western, Indian (Jyotisha), and Chinese astrology, the celestial sphere, the ecliptic, zodiac signs, horoscope, Sun sign, Moon sign, Chinese astrology, eight words and zodiac animals.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Quick Introduction to Astrology

What Is Astrology

Western Astrology

Jyotisha - Indian or Hindu Astrology

Chinese Astrology

Basics of Astrology and Astronomy

What Is Astronomy

The Solar System

The Celestial Sphere

The Celestial Sphere Coordinate System

The Celestial Meridian and Zenith

The Ecliptic

The Precession - Rotation of Earth's Axis


What Is a Star

Polaris - The North Star or Pole Star

Sirius - The Brightest Star


What Is a Constellation

Little Dipper - Ursa Minor - Smaller Bear - Constellation

The Hunter - Orion - Constellation

Introduction to Western Zodiac Signs

What Is Western Zodiac

Zodiac Signs and Zodiac Constellations

Zodiac Coordinate Systems - Starting Points

Aries, The Ram, The First Zodiac Sign

Taurus - The Bull, The Second Zodiac Sign

Gemini - The Twins, The Third Zodiac Sign

Cancer - The Crab, The Fourth Zodiac Sign

Leo - The Lion, The Fifth Zodiac Sign

Virgo - The Virgin, The Sixth Zodiac Sign

Libra - The Balance, The Seventh Zodiac Sign

Scorpio - The Scorpion, The Eighth Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius - The Archer, The Ninth Zodiac Sign

Capricorn - The Goat, The Tenth Zodiac Sign

Aquarius - The Water Bearer, The Eleventh Zodiac Sign

Pisces - The Fish, The Twelfth Zodiac Sign

Horoscope and Horoscopic Astrology

What Is Horoscope?

Horoscope Native and Ascendant (Rising Sign)

Horoscope Moon and Other Planet Signs

Horoscope Houses

Horoscope and Planets

The Sun Sign and Horoscope

The Moon Sign and Horoscope

Mercury Sign and Horoscope

Venus Sign and Horoscope

Mars Sign and Horoscope

Jupiter Sign and Horoscope

Saturn Sign and Horoscope

Uranus Sign and Horoscope

Neptune Sign and Horoscope

Pluto Sign and Horoscope

Chinese Astrology and Horoscope

Chinese Astrology Overview

Chinese Year Numbering System

Chinese Lunar Month System

Solar Terms Used in Chinese Calendar

Chinese Horoscope and Eight Words

Chinese Horoscope Interpretation

Comparing Chinese Horoscope with Western Horoscope

Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs

The Rat - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Ox - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Tiger - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Rabbit - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Dragon - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Snake - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Horse - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Sheep - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Rooster - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Dog - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

The Pig - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign


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