Floating Blocks - "float" and "footnote"

This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on floating blocks. Topics include introduction of 'float' and 'footnote' formatting objects; side-float and before-float blocks; clearing from side-float blocks; static blocks as separators for before-float and/or footnote blocks.

What Is "float" Formatting Object?

"float" Formatting Object Shifting to Left

clear="..." - Block Cleared from Side-Float

"float" Formatting Object Moving to Top

Adding "xsl-before-float" Separator

"footnote" Formatting Object

Adding "xsl-footnote" Separator


Table of Contents

 About This XSL-FO Tutorial Book

 Introduction of XSL-FO

 Apache™ FOP (Formatting Objects Processor)

 RenderX XEP as an XSL-FO Tool

 Introduction of Area Model

 XSL-FO Document Basics and Examples

 Page Layout Masters

 Block-Level Formatting Objects

 Inline-Level Formatting Objects

 Including Graphics in XSL-FO document

 Table of Rows and Columns

 List, Item, Label, and Body

Floating Blocks - "float" and "footnote"

 Hyperlinks, Table of Contents and Indexes

 Headers and Footers using "static-content"

 Font Attributes and Font Families

 Apache FOP Font Configurations

 RenderX XEP Font Configurations


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