AXIOM (AXIs Object Model)

This section describes AXIOM (AXIs Object Model) that allows us to build and parse XML elements represented as AXIOM objects.

From the previous tutorial, I learned how to invoke the operation with the sendReceive() method. Now I need to learn how to create the SOAP Body element using AXIOM (AXIs Object Model).

AXIOM offers these methods to create OM element and sub elements.

1. Getting the default OM factory:

   OMFactory factory = OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory();

2. Creating an OM namespace:

   OMNamespace namespace = factory.createOMNamespace(tns, "hy");

3. Creating an OM element:

   OMElement request 
      = factory.createOMElement("RegistrationRequest", namespace);

4. Adding an attribute to an OM element:

   request.addAttribute("event", "OpenGame", namespace);

5. Adding a sub element to an OM element:

   OMElement guest = factory.createOMElement("Guest", namespace);
   guest.setText("Herong Yang");

AXIOM offers these methods to parse OM elements.

1. Returning the local name of an OM element:

   name = response.getLocalName()

2. Returning the text content of an OM element:

   text = response.getText()

3. Returning the list of sub elements of an OM element:

   iterator = response.getChildElements()

4. Returning the list of attributes of an OM element:

   iterator = response.getAllAttributes()

Last update: 2009.

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