Listing of Trusted Root CA in Firefox 35

This section provides a tutorial example on how to see the list of trusted root CA (Certificate Authorities) pre-installed in Firefox 35.

As learned earlier, the trust of the entire HTTPS Web site PKI is based on certificates of trusted root CA (Certificate Authorities) pre-installed in the browser.

Before using the Mozilla browser Firefox 35 on my computer to visit any HTTPS Web sites, I want to see who are those trusted root CAs pre-installed in Firefox 35.

1. Run Firefox 35, and go to the "Tools" > "Options..." menu. The Options dialog box shows up.

2. Click the "Advanced" icon, then click the "Certificates" tab.

3. Click the "View Certificates" button. The Certificate Manager dialog box shows up.

4. Click the "Authorities" tab. A list of pre-installed trusted root CA certificates shows up.

Some of them are included to give you an idea on who are those trusted root CAs:

Trusted Root CA Certifcation                         Vendor
TÜRKTRUST Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Sa?lay?c?s?
Chambers of Commerce Root - 2008           
Actalis Authentication Root CA             
AddTrust Class 1 CA Root                   
AffirmTrust Commercial                     
America Online Root Certification Authority 1
EE Certification Centre Root CA            
Atos TrustedRoot 2011                      
Autoridad de Certificacion Firmaprofesional CIF A62634068      
Baltimore CyberTrust Root                  
Buypass Class 2 CA 1                       
Certinomis - Autorité Racine               
Class 2 Primary CA                         
certSIGN ROOT CA                           
China Internet Network Information Center EV Certificates Root 
ePKI Root Certification Authority          
CNNIC ROOT                                 
AAA Certificate Services                   
ComSign CA                                 
Cybertrust Global Root                     
D-TRUST Root Class 3 CA 2 2009            
Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2                 
S-TRUST Authentication and Encryption Root CA 2005:PN
DigiCert Assured ID Root CA                
DST ACES CA X6                             
CA Disig                                   
E-Tugra Certification Authority            
ACEDICOM Root                              
e-Guven Kok Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Saglayicisi
Entrust Root Certification Authority       
Equifax Secure CA                          
Root CA Generalitat Valenciana             
GeoTrust Global CA                         
Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2   
Taiwan GRCA                                
GTE CyberTrust Global Root                 
Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions RootCA 2011
Hongkong Post Root CA 1                                                   
SecureSign RootCA11                        
ApplicationCA - Japanese Government        
Microsec e-Szigno Root CA                  
NetLock Expressz (Class C) Tanusitvanykiado
NetLock Minositett Kozjegyzoi (Class QA) Tanusitvanykiado
NetLock Uzleti (Class B) Tanusitvanykiado  
Network Solutions Certificate Authority 
QuoVadis Root CA 1 G3                     
RSA Security 2048 v3                       
Security Communication EV RootCA1          
Secure Global CA                           
AC Raíz Certicámara S.A.                   
Sonera Class1 CA                           
Staat der Nederlanden Root CA              
Starfield Class 2 CA                       
StartCom Certification Authority           
Swisscom Root CA 1                         
SwissSign Gold CA - G2                     
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2               
TWCA Global Root CA                        
TC TrustCenter Class 2 CA II               
TC TrustCenter Class 3 CA II               
TC TrustCenter Universal CA I              
TeliaSonera Root CA v1                     
Thawte Premium Server CA                   
Go Daddy Class 2 CA                        
UTN - DATACorp SGC                         
UTN-USERFirst-Network Applications         
Trustis FPS Root CA                        
TÜB?TAK UEKAE Kök Sertifika Hizmet Sa?lay?c?s? - Sürüm 3
TÜRKTRUST Elektronik Sertifika Hizmet Sa?lay?c?s?
Certum CA                                  
VeriSign Class 1 Public PCA                
Visa eCommerce Root                        
WellsSecure Public Root Certificate Authority
OISTE WISeKey Global Root GA CA            
CA ?????                                   

Last update: 2015.

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