Obtaining a Trial Digital ID from ARX CoSign

This section provides a tutorial example on how to obtain a trial digital ID from ARX CoSign and use it to sign MS Word 2007 documents.

If you followed John's example and created your own digital ID, you can sign your Word documents with no problem. But when you send your signed documents to your friends, they will not be able to validate your signature, because your digital ID is a self-signed one. It can not be validated up to a trusted PKI certificate authority.

In order to add a digital signature that can be trusted by others, you need to get a digital ID from a known certificate authority. Here is what I did to get a trial digital ID from ARX CoSign.

1. Go to https://www.arx.com/Digital-Signatures-trial/registration.php and fill in the registration form.

2. Wait for the activation email in your email box and follow their instructions to finish up the registration process.

3. At the end, they will let you download a customized setup file called, CoSign-trial-setup.exe.

4. Run the setup file. ARX CoSign Client installation starts.

5. Finish the installation. My trial digital ID is ready. I think.

6. Run MS Word 2007 and create a test document.

7. Click "Office > Prepare > Add a Digital Signature", my ARX CoSign trial digital ID shows up:
ARX CoSign Digital ID for MS Word 2007

8. Finish adding my digital signature.

Done. I have obtained a digital ID from ARX CoSign and used it to sign a Word document. This time, other people can trust my digital ID, if they trust ARX CoSign.

Last update: 2011.

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