SQL History and Revisions

This section provides a quick introduction of SQL history and revisions. 3 major revisions have been published: SQL1 or SQl-86, SQL2 or SQL/92, and SQL3 or SQL:1999.

In 1970, Edgar F. Codd from IBM published the first paper on relational data base model: "A Relational Model of Data For Large Shared Data Banks".

In 1979, IBM produced the first relational database called System/R, and a language called Structured English Query Language (SEQUEL) to access the database. SEQUEL was later shortened to SQL (Structured Query Language). But the pronounccation was maintained, so today we still pronounce SQL as "sequel".

SQL has gone 3 major revisions and several minor revisions:

SQL1 - Also known as SQL-86. This was the first publication of SQL by ANSI in 1986. Two minor revisions were published on SQL1: SQL-87 and SQL-89.

SQL2 - Also known as SQL/92, SQL-92, ISO/IEC 9075:1992, ANSI X3.135-1992, or FIPS 127-2. This was a major revision of SQL in 1992.

SQL3 - Also known as SQL:1999. This was a major revision of SQL in 1999. Several minor revisions were published on SQL3: SQL:2003, SQL:2006 and SQL:2008.

Last update: 2015.

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