Outdated: "sysinfo" - Checking Java DB Installation 10.2.2

This section describes how to use 'sysinfo' to verify Java DB installation.

Obviously, Java DB requires Java SE to be installed. I have Java SE 6 installed on my Windows system as described in other tutorials in this book. To verify Java DB installation and the required Java SE, I used the "sysinfo" tool as suggested in Java DB documents:

C:\>cd \local\javadb\bin

------------------ Java Information ------------------
Java Version:    1.6.0_02
Java Vendor:     Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java home:       C:\progra~1\java\jdk1.6.0_02\jre
Java classpath:  C:\local\javadb\bin\../lib/derby.jar;
OS name:         Windows XP
OS architecture: x86
OS version:      5.1
Java user name:  herong
Java user home:  C:\Documents and Settings\herong
Java user dir:   C:\home\herong
java.specification.name: Java Platform API Specification
java.specification.version: 1.6
--------- Derby Information --------
JRE - JDBC: Java SE 6 - JDBC 4.0
[C:\local\javadb\lib\derby.jar] - (485682)
[C:\local\javadb\lib\derbytools.jar] - (485682)
[C:\local\javadb\lib\derbynet.jar] - (485682)
[C:\local\javadb\lib\derbyclient.jar] - (485682)

The output confirms that my Java DB was installed properly.

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