Ropsten Testnet Data File Location

This section shows where Ropsten Testnet data files are located.

While "geth" is downloading the blockchain from the Ropsten Testnet, let's look at where it is storing the blockchain data files.

According the "geth" console message, the "datadir" is pointing to "C:\Users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\testnet". Here is the sub-directory structure of that "datadir" directory:

|   |---chaindata
|   |---ethash
|   |---nodes

And I can see a large number of data files in the C:\users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\testnet\geth\chaindata folder.

2,178,268 000107.ldb
2,149,358 000111.ldb
2,150,533 000112.ldb
2,143,262 000113.ldb
2,146,703 000114.ldb
2,147,039 000115.ldb

Last update: 2017.

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Ropsten Testnet Data File Location

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