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Illustration of RSA Algorithm: p,q=5,7
This section provides a tutorial example to illustrate how RSA public key encryption algorithm works with 2 small prime numbers 5 and 7.
2022-12-11, 7370👍, 10💬

"ant debug" Command and Build Error
This section provides a tutorial example on the 'ant' build command. An error occurred when running 'ant debug'. The error message says '...${aapt}': CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.
2022-12-10, 208👍, 1💬

"-Xint" - Running in Interpreted-Only Mode
This section provides a tutorial example on how to run benchmark tests in interpreted-only mode using the '-Xint' JVM option.
2022-12-10, 349👍, 1💬

Displaying Version Information using Windows Explorer
This section provides a tutorial example on how to display version information properties of executable files, .exe and .dll files, using Windows Explorer.
2022-12-10, 136👍, 1💬

Downloading and Installing JRockit R28.2.7
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Oracle JRockit 6 R28.2.7 on Windows systems.
2022-12-10, 6321👍, 3💬

Array Class Introspection
This section provides a tutorial example on how to reflect arrays as classes and introspect its properties like superclass, element type, etc.
2022-12-10, 136👍, 1💬

ActivityLog Test - Activity Paused and Resumed
This section tries to test activity lifecycle with the ActivityLog application in case user pauses the activity and resumes it later.
2022-12-10, 125👍, 1💬

Android Application Package (APK) Files
This chapter provides tutorial notes on Android application package (APK) files. Topics include introduction to APK file; packaging application files into a single APK file; using 'adb' command to install APK files; using 'adb' command to copy file to Android emulator.
2022-12-10, 366👍, 4💬

What Is Key Encoding?
This section describes private and public key encoding standards: PKCS#8 is used for encoding private keys and X.509 is used for encoding public keys.
2022-12-07, 3122👍, 8💬

Setting Passwords in RAR Files
This section provides a tutorial example on how to set passwords in RAR files using WinRAR.
2022-12-05, 403👍, 3💬

XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++
This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++. Topics include downloading and installing Notepad++ and XML Tools Plugin; generating pretty print XML format; XSD validation; XSLT transformation.
2022-12-05, 166441👍, 68💬

Full Version in PDF/EPUB
Information on how to obtain the full version of this book in PDF, EPUB, or other format.
2022-12-05, 1030👍, 5💬

$argv[] - Command Line Arguments
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the built-in array, $argv[], to retrieve command line arguments when PHP script files are executed with the 'php' command.
2022-12-04, 477👍, 1💬

Leo - The Lion, The Fifth Zodiac Sign
This section describes the fifth zodiac sign, Leo, the Lion.
2022-12-02, 560👍, 1💬

Visual C# 2010 Express Edition
This chapter provides tutorial examples and notes on Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. Topics include downloading and installing Visual C# 2010 Express; creating a solution project; compiling and running a C# program.
2022-12-01, 1332👍, 5💬

Comment Testing Area
What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
2022-11-30, 45417👍, 114💬

Download and Install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows
This section describes how to download and install PHP 7.3.0 on Windows systems.
2022-11-27, 22155👍, 5💬

"javac -d" - Specifying Output Directory
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the 'javac -d' option to specify the output directory for the 'javac' tool to store class files generated by the 'javac' compiler.
2022-11-26, 5926👍, 4💬

URL Encoding Variations
This section describes variations of URL encodings: RFC 3986 URI Encoding, application/x-www-form-urlenco dedEncoding, RFC 1738 URL Encoding.
2022-11-23, 230👍, 1💬

Ethereum Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples
This book is a collection of tutorial examples on Ethereum and blockchain. Topics include include: What is Ethereum; What is blockchain; Ethereum market value; What is Go Ethereum (Geth); Running a private Ethereum network with Geth; What is Ethereum Mist wallet; What is MetaMask wallet; Ethereum mi...
2022-11-23, 4510👍, 4💬

Table Column and Row Merge or Span
This section provides a tutorial example on how to merge or span table columns and rows with table-cell[@number-columns-spa nned]and/or table-cell[@number-rows-spanne d]attributes.
2022-11-23, 1370👍, 1💬

Notes and Tools on Chinese Language and Culture
Notes and Tools on Chinese Language and Culture Are you interested in learning Chinese language and culture? These notes and tools may help you: Online Chinese Calendar - Mobile Version This is the first mobile version of Online Chinese Calendar in Chinese. It offers a monthly Chinese calendar well ...
2022-11-22, 5179👍, 1💬

Chinese Horoscopes - The Rooster Personality
People born in the year of the rooster usually are good looking and like to show themselves off. Instead of being idle, they always appear to be decent and shrewd in public, even the most timid one of them. Gossips and more sensible observers (good at watching other people's expressions and weighing...
2022-11-22, 1764👍, 1💬

New Year (Spring Festival) - First Day of Lunar Year
When is the Chinese New Year Day? How is it celebrated? What are the traditions? Chinese New Year (Chinese: 春節, 春节, Chūnjíe; 農曆新年, 农历新年, Nónglì Xīnnián; or 過年, 过年, Guònián), also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. ...
2022-11-22, 1674👍, 2💬

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