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Herong's Notes on Chinese Calendar

This book introduces you the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese Calendar. A Java program is provided to convert dates from the Gregorian calendar to the Chinese calendar. This program can also be used to print out Chinese calendars for 200 years between 1901 and 2100.

Herong's Notes on Astrology and Horoscope

This book is a collection of my personal notes on astrology and astronomy. Topics include Western astrology, Indian (Jyotisha) astrology, and Chinese astrology, the celestial sphere, the ecliptic, the precession, zodiac signs, horoscope, Sun sign, Moon sign, Chinese astrology and horoscope, eight words and Chinese zodiac animal signs.

Publishing Books Using XML Technologies

This book describes some ideas of how to use XML technologies to help publishing your books on your own Websites. Those ideas are implemented into a publishing tool called hyPub, which is also presented in this book. hyPub allows you to manage your book source text in simple XML files, transform them later into well formatted and linked XHTML files and PDF files ready for publishing on Websites or printing.

Notes on Web Site Statistics

This is a collection of statistics reports and notes on this Web site. Topics include weekly Web page requests summary, number of page views for each tutorial books, most popular search engine queries, most popular books, and client browser statistics.

Reference Citations to Herong's Tutorial Notes

This is a collection of reference citations to Herong's tutorials on the Internet.

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