Expressions and Location Paths

This section describes expressions and location paths. A sequence of data objects, operators, grouping parenthesis and function calls is called a location path, if it is used to represent a set of nodes in the source XML document.

Expression: A sequence of data objects, operators, grouping parenthesis and function calls. Examples of expressions:

( 6 + 2 ) * 3 div 4

Location Path: An expression resulting a node set of the source XML document. The semantics for a location path is:

LocationPath ::= RelativeLocationPath | AbsoluteLocationPath

AbsoluteLocationPath ::= '/' | '/'RelativeLocationPath

RelativeLocationPath ::= LocationStep 
   | RelativeLocationPath'/'LocationStep

LocationStep ::= AxisName'::'NodeTest | LocationStep'['Predicate']'
   | LocationStep'|'LocationStep

AxisName ::= 'ancestor' | 'ancestor-or-self' | 'attribute' | 'child' 
   | 'descendant' | 'descendant-or-self' | 'following' 
   | 'following-sibling' | 'namespace' | 'parent' | 'preceding' 
   | 'preceding-sibling' | 'self' 

NodeTest ::= NameTest | 'node()' | 'text()' | 'comment()' 
   | 'processing-instruction()' 
   | 'processing-instruction(' StingLiteral ')' 
NameTest ::= '*' | NameSpacePrefix':*' | NameSpacePrefix':'NodeName

NodeName ::= Any node name in the XML structure

StringLiteral ::= A sequence of valid characters enclosed in quotes

Predicate ::= A boolean expression | AxisName'::'NodeTest

Note that there are two operators introduced in here:

Evaluation rules on location path:

There is a number of abbreviations for the axis name and node test parts of the location step:

.       self::node()
..      parent::node()
name    child::name
@name   attribute::name
//      /descendant-or-self::node()/

Let's look at some examples of location paths:

Last update: 2014.

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