'jdb' - Java Debugger Command and Options

This section describes the Java debugging tool 'jdb' and its commonly used command options.

"jdb": A command line tool that allows you to debug a Java application interactively with in a command line mode. "javac" is distributed as part of the Sun JDK package. It has the following syntax:

jdb [options] main_class_name
jdb [options] -attach <address> 

where "options" is a list of options, "main_class_name" is a the name of the main class of a Java application, and "address" is the debugging connection address of a running Java application.

As you can see from the syntax, there are two ways of running "jdb":

1. Running "jdb" to launch a Java application and start a debug session on that application.

2. Running "jdb" to connect to a separately launched Java application and start a debug session on that application.

Commonly used options are:

Note that in order to use all debugging commands, the target application must be compiled with "-g" option, which will generate all debugging information, including source file, line number, and local variables, into the class file.

Last update: 2015.

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