Performance Comparisons between "int" and "long"

This section provides a performance comparisons between 'int' and 'long' loops and basic operations in interpreted-only mode. 'int' runs much faster.

If you compare testing results between "int" and "long" loops, you will see that: loops with "long" indexes run much slower than "int" indexes as bytecodes (interpreted-only mode) with HotSpot JVM. Here are comparisons of execution times per step in nanoseconds:

                  int   long
Empty loop         16     25
Assignment: x=i    14     24
Shift: x=i<<1      17     30
Add: x=i+i         17     34
Multipply: x=i*3   17     38
Divide: x=i/3      19     53

By subtracting assignment loop execution time from shift, add, multiply and division tests, we can get execution estimates for shift, add, multiply and division operations in nanoseconds:

                  int   long
Shift: i<<1         3      6
Add: i+i            3     10
Multipply: i*3      3     14
Divide: i/3         5     29

Conclusion: Use "int" data type instead of "long" as much as you can to get better execution performance in interpreted-only mode.

Last update: 2010.

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 "long" Empty Loop: 25 Nanoseconds per Step

 "long" Assignment Only: 24 Nanoseconds per Step

 "long" Shift and Assignment: 30 Nanoseconds per Step

 "long" Add and Assignment: 34 Nanoseconds per Step

 "long" Multiply and Assignment: 38 Nanoseconds per Step

 "long" Division and Assignment: 53 Nanoseconds per Step

Performance Comparisons between "int" and "long"

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