View Transaction Receipt

This section describes how to view transaction receipt.

After a transaction is processed into the blockchain, you get a transaction receipt with transaction ID (hash):

> txid = 

> eth.getTransactionReceipt(txid)
  blockNumber: 80,
  contractAddress: null,
  cumulativeGasUsed: 42000,
  from: "0x05d4e1a499775ce9d681abd50bda655c7b5ccb90",
  gasUsed: 21000,
  logs: [],
  logsBloom: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...",
  to: "0x485410d2e7b8bfb6f78e5e5acf7d1057cb853fce",
  transactionIndex: 1

The receipt tells us this transaction was sealed into block # 80.

Last update: 2018.

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