"geth" - Start Ethereum Node

This section describes Go Ethereum (Geth) commands.

Now let's try to start our Ethereum node using the "geth" command with default options:


Maximum peer count                       
   ETH=25 LES=0 total=25
Starting peer-to-peer node               
Allocated cache and file handles         
Initialised chain configuration          
   config="{ChainID: 1 Homestead: 1150000 DAO: 1920000 DAOSupport: 
   true EIP150: 2463000 EIP155: 2675000 EIP158: 2675000 Byzantium: 
   4370000 Engine: ethash}"
Disk storage enabled for ethash caches   
   dir=C:\\Users\\herong\\AppData\\Roaming\\Ethereum\\geth\\ethash count=3
Disk storage enabled for ethash DAGs     
   dir=C:\\Users\\herong\\AppData\\Ethash                          count=2
Initialising Ethereum protocol           
   versions="[63 62]" network=1
Loaded most recent local header          
   number=3076919 hash=faeead…c23db3 td=128278616553307923723
Loaded most recent local full block      
   number=0       hash=d4e567…cb8fa3 td=17179869184
Loaded most recent local fast block      
   number=3053392 hash=b11797…c686f5 td=125664751314676669853
Loaded local transaction journal         
   transactions=0 dropped=0
Regenerated local transaction journal    
   transactions=0 accounts=0

Starting P2P networking 
UDP listener up                          
RLPx listener up                         
IPC endpoint opened                      

Block synchronisation started 
Imported new block headers               
   count=0 elapsed=22ms number=3053584 hash=fd7b51…a42a0c ignored=192
Imported new block headers               
   count=0 elapsed=22ms number=3053776 hash=7c3872…acee72 ignored=192
Imported new block receipts              
   count=2 elapsed=3ms  number=3053394 hash=c000ae…0645ce size=37.06kB 
Imported new block headers               
   count=0 elapsed=24ms number=3053968 hash=5bb1f3…2543d0 ignored=192
Imported new block receipts              
   count=10 elapsed=1ms  number=3053404 hash=7c3574…f89e78 size=26.76kB
Imported new block headers               
   count=0  elapsed=20ms number=3054160 hash=66f5f9…ad10ab ignored=192
Imported new block receipts              
   count=41 elapsed=13ms number=3053445 hash=6951c1…7a10fb size=152.91kB

The log entries tell me that my Ethereum node is running ok. It is downloading transaction blocks from the Ethereum network.

Again, we have to wait for the node to finish downloading all transaction blocks, before we can interact with the node.

If you terminate the "geth" command, the Ethereum node will be stopped:


Got interrupt, shutting down...
IPC endpoint closed                      
Blockchain manager stopped
Stopping Ethereum protocol
Synchronisation failed, dropping peer    
   peer=f02e7d52f59810b1 err="retrieved hash chain is invalid"
Ethereum protocol stopped
Transaction pool stopped
Database closed                          

Last update: 2018.

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