Run "geth" and "Ethereum Wallet" Separately

This section describes how to run 'geth' and 'Ethereum Wallet' separately.

From previous tutorials, we learned that "Ethereum Wallet" is distributed with "geth (Go Ethereum)" included. When you run "Ethereum Wallet", it will search for the Ethereum Node on the local host. If there is no Ethereum Node, it will start a "geth" node by itself.

But if there is an Ethereum Node running, it will connect to that node.

Let's try this running "geth" and "Ethereum Wallet" in separate windows:

Start "geth" in a command line window:

C:\>c:\local\bin\geth console 2>> geth.log

> eth.syncing
  currentBlock: 3245364,
  highestBlock: 5192352,
  knownStates: 1133,
  pulledStates: 717,
  startingBlock: 3233063

Start "Ethereum Wallet" in another command line window:

C:\>"\local\win-ia32-unpacked\Ethereum Wallet" 
   --logfile wallet.log --loglevel trace


Wait for few seconds. You will see the Ethereum Wallet screen coming up and display the block download status. The block count matches well with the "eth.syncing" output on "geth" console.

Here are the log entries in wallet.log showing the "geth" connection:

[DEBUG] Settings - IPC path: \\.\pipe\geth.ipc
[INFO] Sockets/node-ipc - Connect to {"path":"\\\\.\\pipe\\geth.ipc"}
[DEBUG] Sockets/node-ipc - Resetting socket
[DEBUG] Sockets/node-ipc - Connecting...
[DEBUG] Sockets/node-ipc - Will wait 3000ms for connection to happen.
[TRACE] (ui: splashscreen) - Check network type...
[INFO] Sockets/node-ipc - Connected!
[INFO] NodeSync - Ethereum node connected, re-start sync
[DEBUG] NodeSync - Sync not already in progress.
[DEBUG] ipcProviderBackend - Ethereum node connected, resume connecting 
   socket 3

Below is a picture showing "Ethereum Mist" connected to "geth" running separately:

Ethereum Wallet Connects to geth
Ethereum Wallet Connects to geth

Last update: 2018.

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Run "geth" and "Ethereum Wallet" Separately

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